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American ideals
The magnitude of human suffering and destruction witnessed after the happenings of the Hurricane Katrina can only be compared to acts of terror…
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American ideals
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American ideals The magnitude of human suffering and destruction witnessed after the happenings of the Hurricane Katrinacan only be compared to acts of terror. This emanates from the fact that the eventuality leading to the events was because of selfish capitalist exploitation and systems of oppression within the American system. Majority of the people living in the south are black people in conditions characterized by poverty, oppression, and stunted development. As those who are progressive and anti imperialist struggle to bring life back to normalcy for the survivors of the inhuman acts, in depth analysis of this tragedy and its aftermath is key. Several contradictions have been noticed which puts into question the true ideals of America as a nation (Lessin and Deal). Analysts agree that the response towards this type of human tragedy calls for ramifications from all spheres. The politics, law, international relations, regional relations, and local relations must build a network that empowers invincible movement for social justice. This go a long way in addressing the complex issues that characterized this stragedy.Though debates are rife about the core social impacts of the Hurricane Katrina, establishing whether the disaster was strictly on black and Middle East Americans or for the poor people and the working class in general is essential. This therefore makes it critical to define the character of the entire working class and the oppressed section herein the African American and Middle East Americans. This basis characterizing oppressed nation have been historically subjugated and denied democratic rights by the imperialism system of the United States. The slow response that came in from the State and federal governments during the tragedy openly exposed that the value of the working class and the black community was subordinate to capitalism profits and property. The aftermath made personalities of different social cadres begin to reflect on the racist economy, political and social policies of the United States government. It also exposed the attitudes of capitalism and its continuous reasons for historical oppression of the Middle East Americans and the poor African Americans (Lessin and deal). In contrast, American ideals should be founded on fairness and equal dispensation of rights by the State to its citizenry an attribute the Katrina strategy painted a grim picture about. In an effort to look for survival strategies during the calamity by obtaining food from various accessible sources, the media negatively reported this as looting by the black people. In return, the police were then ordered to stop their operation of searching for more survivors and stop lawlessness by looters. This portrays the materialism obsession by the capitalist system at the expense of human life, which it regards as subordinate to profits. Bush statements reinforced the media reports as he declared that his government was going to be tough on looters. A few hours later, the governer, Blanco boasted of its troop’s ability to shoot and kill with little regard to the plights of the survivors of the unfortunate tragedy. Instead of being a rescue mission, the whole dimension turned to what is similar to a military operation. After almost one week evacuation efforts marred by luxity,the government left the victims to channel their own survival course without basics such as food water and electicity.On top of the trauma emanating from the disaster, the poor black and Middle East Americans were left to fend for themselves. Media forced out by existing circumstances and no longer able to conceal concealing bear truth as they did before in earlier stages finally with little stress on urgency covered these incidences (Lessin and Deal). They could no longer hide that no provisions came in from the government after the evacuation. It is through acts of heroism by the victims themselves trying to rescue more and more lives that eventually led to the number of reduced deaths from the disaster. The aftermath has led to intimidation, harassment, and further segregation of the victims who are in dire need of government assistance but conspicuously ignored. Majority of the victims lost their identification documents in the flood and continue to be mistaken for illegal immigrant workers.Similarly, most of the victims were rendered jobless, and this has continued to have a psychological impacts on them. The American constitution despite being comprehensive on the plight of its citizen falls short when it comes to implementation. From the Katrina incidence, the government is selective in dispensing justice to its people. This has been cited as breach of the global human rights, which stipulates equal rights to protection, by the government with little regard to race, religion, social status and gender. Work Cited Politicization of Race, Class, and A National Disaster Media: Trouble the Water. Dir. Tia Lessin and Carl Deal. Zeitgeist, 2012. Film. Read More
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