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Smith defines Israel lobby as an overlapping matrix of organizations that lack loose correlation in their work. He declares that these lobby groups are ordained by the government of Israel with the main objective of milking huge sums of money from the united state of…
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Israel Lobby Grant F. Smith defines Israel lobby as an overlapping matrix of organizations that lack loose correlation in their work. He declares that these lobby groups are ordained by the government of Israel with the main objective of milking huge sums of money from the united state of America. in his 24-minute response to the new trend in Israel lobbying, Grant F. Smith condemns the government of Israel for diverting money meant to salvage the disadvantaged in the society to compromise the media and establishment of powerful military bases (Scott Horton Show 2 min). Grant F. Smith further declares that the money is used to military operations and keeping the incumbent officials in their positions.
Grant F. Smith explains that the Israel government has manipulated the civil society so as the country influences the decisions that America makes regarding the Middle East. In this case, he claims in his response that many lobby groups in Israel are established with similar mission, vision, goals and objects. In this case, he doubts their authenticity and division of tasks in the organizations. However, he states that not all lobby groups are government puppets. He applauds some lobby groups, such as religious organization, for doing a wonderful job of educating people about Jewish lifestyle, (Scott Horton Show 17-21min).
John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt agree with Grant F. Smith by defining the Israeli Lobby as an alliance of organizations and people working towards influencing the US foreign policies that favors the position of Israel in the Middle East. additionally, Glenn Frankel asserts that the this lobbying is just about campaigning to get funds to be channeled to other areas apart from the specific ones that donors intend to fund, (Dworkin, Ronald, 342)
According to Glenn Frankel, defines the Israel Lobby as an organization of Jewish group and campaign contributors whose main goal is to take care of Israeli interests via the help of pro-Israeli supporters and which were formed in the second half of the 1900s (PP 211). He identifies the main groups behind the current state of affair. They include American Jewish Committee and the Anti-Defamation League among others.
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Dworkin, Ronald. Political Situations in Middle East; Princeton, N.J.: Princeton UP, 2008 Read More
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