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Recycling refers to the process collecting and converting waste materials into new products aimed at preventing the waste of potentially useful materials. Recycling is done to reduce the consumption of raw materials, reduce the use of energy, air and water pollution reduction by…
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Worldwide Recycling Comparison
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"Worldwide Recycling Comparison"

Download file to see previous pages The composting of biodegradable waste products is also considered a form of recycling. The materials to be recycled are sorted, cleaned after collection, and then reprocessed to new products bound for manufacturing process (Blaine, Lichtkoppler, Jones, & Zondag, 2005). One of the countries that has effective recycling programs is Switzerland.
Waste recycling in Oregon is done by following an act that makes a statewide system for managing solid waste. Most of the population places the tins, glass, newspaper, aluminium and other recyclable materials at curbside for pick up by the recycling companies. The materials may also be taken to public landfills, transfer stations and other convenient locations for pick up. After the materials are taken the collection centers, the full process of recycling follows until the products are sold in the market (Wong & S.-F, 2006). The process involves three main steps before the final product is released to the final users. Recycling includes the three steps that create a continuous loop represented by the conventional recycling symbol. The process encompasses the first stage that is the collection and processing of the materials to be recycled. The collection takes different shapes like curbside, drop-off centers and refund programs. The collection is followed by taking the recyclables to a recovery facility to be sorted, cleaned and then processed into new products that can be used in the manufacturing industry (MacBride, 2012).
The second step after material collection and sorting is manufacturing. Most of the products nowadays are made using recycled content. Most of the household products that have been made using recycled materials include among others, newspapers and paper towels, plastic and glass soft drink containers, steel cans and plastic laundry detergent bottles. The last step in the process is that of purchasing new products that are made from recycled materials. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Worldwide Recycling Comparison Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words - 1)
Worldwide Recycling Comparison Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words - 1.
“Worldwide Recycling Comparison Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words - 1”, n.d.
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...and has been taken seriously in the ‘90s (D’Souza 2005: 2), seeing it more as an economic activity rather than a moral obligation (Walker & Desrochers 1999: 74) Truly, recycling today is making a big market worldwide, especially in developed and developing countries, perhaps because incentives are given for recycling businesses, since their need for recycling is greater, as consumerism is high and wastes are mounting – Every year the UK alone dumps 24M tonnes of recyclable materials (Birmingham Post 2009: 10). Particularly in OECD countries, recycling has become an important economic sector with more or less 1.5 million workforces, a...
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...? 28 November Recycling Recycling is the basic need of today when we are left with very little resources. “Recycling has become a major issue as scientific research has been suggesting for years that the earth is being depleted too fast to sustain a healthy balance” (“The Importance of Recycling”). Day by day, the resources are vanishing. We used to have much more gold, iron, oil and gas in the past than now, and the future generations will have even lesser natural resources. It is a good idea to use recycling from the waste and from everything we do not need. Cars with waste consisting of glass, carton boxes, wood and papers, aluminum cast, wrought can...
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...? Recycling Recycling Introduction It’s with no doubt that the planet we are living would be a better place to live in if everyonewould be involved in the recycling process. Recycling in itself so much misunderstood at it has a lot of myths surrounding it, yet it’s one of the most critical and important issues in our world of today. Recycling in the simplest form, an art of simply returning used materials to their raw materials component and equally using them to supplement or replace new materials in the production of new material (Martin, Williams & Clark, 2006, p. 360). Recycling is commonly known as the reuse and restoration of...
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...Recycling Recycling as a measure employed to conserve the environment entails a process aimed at diverting toxic wastes piling in landfills and considered harmful to the environment and human health. However, while citizens participate in different measures meant to conserve the environment, questions often arise in regard to the cost effectiveness of recycling wastes as a means to minimize environmental degradation. As a result of consumerism and the existence of numerous packaging industries in the United States, the production of plastics continues to rise and recycling depends much on the commitment among American citizens to conserve the environment. In the worst...
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...Recycling The purpose of this research is into survey a sample of the body at a small, Midwestern college todetermine their view on recycling. Students were given the opportunity to really share personal information such as political identification and opinion on the topic of recycling. The data were then reviewed and pattern noted. The following paper specifically analyzes survey data regarding student's social activities and their views about recycling. Problem Statement Globally recycling has taken a complete different level of understanding and implementation especially in the educational sector. Integrating recycling into K-12...
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...Environmental Ethics & Recycling of Packages Environmental Ethics & Recycling of Packages Environmental issues refer to the harmful and destructive aspects that occur due to natural disasters or release of contaminants, as a result of human activity in the environment. These issues have a profound impact on the lives of natural habitat, human beings and climatic changes that are taking place on earth. In this regard, the role of humans with respect to the environment is important to analyze that are giving rise to these hazards. The main focus is environmental obligations to increase the standard of living and recycling of used products through appropriate packaging to promote healthy...
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...Recycling Recycling Introduction What is Recycling? The term recycling is commonly associated with resource recovery by most waste managers. However, according to Robinson (1986, p. 216) other people ascribe a number of other definitions to this term. While to other recycling simply refers to the separation of bottles and cans from the trash and the stacking of newspapers, to others, the term refers to the program established so as to collect those materials. The availability of numerous definitions for this terms can be seen to indicated the rather recent origins of this term. This lack of unanimity is seen to also indicate the rather difficulty of...
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...Annotated Bibliography Neil, Grigg. Water, Wastewater, and Stormwater Infrastructure Management, Second Edition. Boca Raton: CRC Press, 2012 In this book, Neil discusses about the challenge of water wastage. In chapter one of this book, the author exclaims that water is one of the resources which have been wasted for a long time. However, based on his research, the solution to the problem of water wastage can be gotten through recycling. Once water is used both for domestic and industrial use, it should not be wasted. Instead, it ‘should be conserved through the process of recycling’ (78). However, while doing this, this scholar concurs that ‘appropriate technologies should be used’ (64). In chapter...
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Worldwide Recycling Comparison
...Worldwide Recycling Comparison al Affiliation Finland’s bottle deposit refund system The bottle deposit refund system that is being used in Finland is a long tradition which has made the nation to be among the top container recyclers in the world. The Finns are active collectors of these bottles, which has ensured that ninety percent of recyclable containers are either reused or reclaimed as raw materials for new containers (Fråne, Stenmarck, Gíslason, & Lyng, 2014). Without the recycling, the containers would have formed a very huge mountain of waste considering the fact that the nation is among the top consumer of beverages. The deposit...
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...Recycling This paper highlights a general effort to quantify the benefits of recycling in relation to environmental protection, sustainable development and on the improvement of social consequences. For decades, there have been efforts to minimize the adverse impacts of pollutants on the human health and the environment. Important progress on the recovery and recycling of the waste products has been of significance to the bio-system and on human development. Such development meets the needs of present generation without compromising the ability of the future one. This work focus on the phases, and the positive values related to recycling. An understanding of the term...
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