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How does amount and type of petroleum used by the people influences air pollution in different regions - Lab Report Example

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Approximately 90% of the industries use petroleum products in their day to day activities (Gouveia and Fonseca 186).This makes the developed nations feel more of…
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How does amount and type of petroleum used by the people influences air pollution in different regions
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Extract of sample "How does amount and type of petroleum used by the people influences air pollution in different regions"

Download file to see previous pages Alternative Hypothesis: Different areas produce and use different amount of petroleum, so amount of pollution will be different in different areas depending of its oil resources and amount of population.
2) I posted my survey online. My survey needed responses from different parts of the world, so I tried to post it in different social networks in order to collect enough information to draw definite conclusions.
5) Calculate average petroleum usage in all regions by adding all amount of petroleum and dividing it by number of people answered survey in that region. Also calculate average range driven by adding up all miles and dividing it by the number of people (who answered survey in that region)
From the survey questions posted online, the following results were received. Forty respondents replied to the survey questions. Majority of them were from developing countries. This is represented by 68% of the total number of respondents, while the remaining 32% considered themselves staying in developed countries. North Asia had the leading respondent percentage of 30%, East Asia had 18%, Central Asia and Western Europe had the same number of 15%, North America had 8%, Eastern Europe had 5% and the least percentage of respondents was taken by Southern Asia, Southern America, Middle East, Australia and New Zealand. Most people have their own cars. Very few family members share one car. According to the results from the survey, 68% of the family members have their own cars, 22% own two cars and 10% have three cars. Majority of people start to drive from the age of between 17 and 20 years. This is represented by the 65% of the result while 30% start to drive from the age of 13 and 16 years. The least number which is represented by 5% say they started to drive from between 21 to 25 years. Petroleum usage per week by each family was between 30 and 40 litters. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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How Does Amount and Type of Petroleum Used by the People Influences Lab Report.
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