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Petroleum off shore and refineries occupational safety and health hazards - Essay Example

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In petroleum off shore and refineries there are many units and the workers are required to perform their activities in adverse working environment as well as conditions. In this regard, the…
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Petroleum off shore and refineries occupational safety and health hazards
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Download file to see previous pages netheless, numerous provisions pertaining to occupational safety and health hazards are formulated and implemented with the intention of protecting the workers from fatal injuries and reducing exposure to health hazards substances.
Petroleum off shore and refineries involves various activities which include drilling, exploration, processing, pipeline operations and extraction. Petroleum off shore and refinery operations is conducted on a global context. In this regard, the main locations that are used for petroleum as well as refineries operations are the Gulf of Mexico, the Caspian Sea, the North Sea and the South China Sea. There are other locations used for the same activities that include India, Western Canada, West Africa and Brazil to a large extent. The operations associated with petroleum along with refineries are identified to pose different types of threats and hazards in the area of biological, physical, chemical and ergonomic factors. The hazards that are associated with the offshore petroleum and refineries operations are recognized to adversely influence flora as well as fauna... In this regard, the different hazards that are associated with petroleum off shore and refineries are identified to harmfully affect the health of workers, communities and environment in an immense manner (Niven & McLeod, 2009).
The petroleum off shore industry is identified to be operating on a global context. The petroleum off shore operations are conducted in environment ranging from the Arctic regions to the tropical regions. The operations associated with petroleum off shore pose different threats to human and natural environment in an immense manner. The off shore operations mainly pose health hazards in the field of chemical, ergonomics, physical and biological hazards (Niven & McLeod, 2009). The off shore working environment comprises different health hazards that are common for petroleum drilling and extraction industry. In this context, the workers of off shore ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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