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The G7 countries is a list of nations that have the most seven most powerful economies in the world. Comparative analysis of the G7 countries…
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Geography of water and energy resources
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G7 Countries vs. Middle East OPEC Members Gross Domestic Product (GDP), exchange rates and per capita spending are some of the indicators used to assess the wealth of a nation. The G7 countries is a list of nations that have the most seven most powerful economies in the world. Comparative analysis of the G7 countries and Middle East OPEC members reveals striking similarities in terms of per capita income, exchange rates and overall spending.
The Middle East OPEC members with low population have very high per capita income, which falls within the range of per income from the G7 countries. For example, Kuwait has a GDP of $165.8 billion and a population of 2.7 million (Central Intelligence Agency, n.d.). In effect, Kuwait has a per capita income of approximately $60,541, which is higher than the per capita income in all G7 countries. Qatar has a per capita income that is over $93,000 because it has a low population and a very high GDP (Central Intelligence Agency, n.d.). In a summary, the Middle East OPEC members with low per capita income are the nations with a large population of Iran and Iraq. Despite the fact the G7 countries register high GDP that are above the $1 trillion mark, the Middle East OPEC members rival them on the distribution of wealth due to their small population and large revenue from oil.
In most cases, Middle East OPEC members are viewed a struggling nations with no power to rival to the G7 countries. The reality is that citizens of small countries like Kuwait, Qatar, and UAE enjoy higher per capita income more than most G7 members. The only OPEC member that is considered poor is Iraq. It has per capita income that is lower than ten thousand dollars, which is the most inferior in all Middle East OPEC members.
Central Intelligence Agency. (n.d.). The World Factbook. Retrieved from Central Intelligence Agency: Read More
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(Geography of Water and Energy Resources Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 4)
Geography of Water and Energy Resources Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 4.
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