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Solar Energy: The Original Power Source - Essay Example

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Solar energy University Tutor Date 1.0 Introduction There has been a tremendous global demand for energy throughout the world. In order for one to meet the future energy problems efficiently, aggressive investigation about the energy security and reliability must be improved One way of doing this is by finding other alternative sources of energy, which can be substituted incase there are emerging power problems…
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Solar Energy: The Original Power Source
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Download file to see previous pages A large portion of areas in developing countries is non-electrified. Therefore, there is the need to install energy generating recourses to satisfy world energy demand. Solar energy has turned out to be the most popular renewable sources of energy. As solar power reaches more competitive stages without any problems, it has shown a sustainability feature, therefore; it can serve millions without interfering millions of people. In developing countries, renewable energy is rapidly emerging as an alternative to other deleterious energy sources and fossil fuels. This outline explains the pros and cons of solar energy and how solar energy has an effect on the environment. 2.0 How Solar Energy Works The sun radiates onto Earth a large amount of energy that can supply power sufficiently to cater for the global energy demands for a whole year. Solar energy is a unique technology drawn on to harness the sun's energy as well as make such a thing useable. The solar power technology brings about a sustainable resource that can cater for a larger percentage of global power need. A large number of people around the world are familiar with the photovoltaic cells, in other words solar panels. They have either seen it on items like a space shuttle, rooftops, in addition to handheld calculating machine. The cells are formed of semiconductor elements like those found in cybernetic organism chips. When light hits these cells, it detaches s electrically charged element from their atomic mass unit (Armentrout & Armentrout, 2009). As the electrically charged element flow through this cell, produce electricity. On a significant broader scale, solar thermo energy factories engage different ways to zero in on the sun's solar energy as an energy origin. This energy is soon after put to work to boil the water that speeds up a steam turbine that creates electricity. The energy produced is much more identical to the one produced by fossil fuel and nuclear power plants. The energy produced can provides enough power that can serve thousands of families. In one, procedure, large troughs of U-shaped full-length mirror zero in on light on a pipe of oil that runs through the center. This high temperature oil soon after boils water for electricity production. One More method, deal with moveable full-length mirror to zero in on the sun's radiations on a collector tower, to which a receiving set lies. Fluid sodium chloride flowing through this receiving set is heated up to run a dynamoelectric machine. 2.0 Pros of Solar Energy Solar energy is a promising renewable resource as compared to other sources of energy. The increasing output efficiency and the ability to be used in a different area make it a profitable utility in particular for growing nations. Greater Number of the growing nations is in areas where there is optimal access to the sun rays (Devabhaktuni et al, 2013). For instance, India produces 5000 trillion kWh per year through a solar project. Previous studies have shown that roughly solar energy can produce roughly 1000 times of the required global energy. Solar energy can be used to operate solar driers, which are extremely efficient in the agricultural sector. The solar driers have a relatively low operating and manufacturing cost. These driers protect grains and fruits and allow them to dry at a uniform rate. The products ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Solar Energy: The Original Power Source Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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