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Green Energy - How will green energy technology prove to overcome the challenges of providing energy to the world - Research Paper Example

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Energy makes our lives simpler for us. The energy industry produces for us heat, light and force. Since our needs are not going to get fewer in the next twenty years as the country’s economy and every other field is digitally driven,…
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Green Energy - How will green energy technology prove to overcome the challenges of providing energy to the world
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Extract of sample "Green Energy - How will green energy technology prove to overcome the challenges of providing energy to the world"

Download file to see previous pages Man will devise ways to substitute the materials endangered by exhaustion like fossil and nuclear energy sources, with renewable energy sources. Renewable energy will continue to combat “greenhouse gas emissions within the power sector” (Moselle, Padilla and Schmalensee 160). This paper discusses important sources of green energy, and why these sources are known as renewable sources of energy.
First of all, it is important to describe the types of renewable energy sources. Sun power, wind power and water power are three main sources of green energy. Sun power produces solar energy, and is a very powerful form of energy. It has been there since ages, and will remain there till the end of the world, providing heat and light energy to all forms of lives- animals, plants and humans. Solar energy is called renewable energy due to a variety of reasons. First, when modern technological methods convert solar energy into electricity, no smoke is produced. So, there is no production of carbon dioxide and other toxic chemicals in the air. Also, the supply of solar energy is not limited, so, there is no worry about running out of energy. However, solar power cannot always be relied upon, as there is no sun in the night or in cloudy weather. Solar cells and solar panels are two main devices that convert solar energy into electrical energy. Solar cells, also known as photovoltaic cells, are found in smaller devices as calculators, and are also used for bigger purposes like in road signs. Solar thermal power plants and the parabolic trough systems are modern technological methods that use solar panels that trap in sun power to heat up water that, in turn, produces electrical energy. Another source of renewable energy is water, called hydro-power. Since water in motion produces kinetic energy, this scientific fact is used by hydro-electric power ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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