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What attributes of eco-labels are important to consumers - Essay Example

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Eco-labels seek to bridge the information gap between manufacturers and consumers since consumers cannot assess the environmental qualities of a…
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What attributes of eco-labels are important to consumers
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Extract of sample "What attributes of eco-labels are important to consumers"

Download file to see previous pages The authors used an online discrete choice/ choice-based conjoint to investigate the drivers that influence consumer preference on over eco-labels (Delmas & Lessem, 2014). Consumers cannot assess the environmental qualities of a product until it arrives at the market. The presence of eco-labels seeks to bridge this information gap between manufacturers and consumers by presenting the ingredients and environmental qualities of a certified product. The environmental attributes of a product are essential to consumers since they influence their purchasing decisions.
Eco-labels influence consumers’ preferences on products. A research that used a discrete choice experiment and a latent class choice model to investigate the significance of consumers’ preference for wine back labels and identify the correlation of these labels relative to price confirmed this (Mueller, Lockshin, Saltman, & Blanford, 2010). The research established that simple eco-labels statements derive positive customer response while eco-labels with difficult messages like the chemical ingredients of a product derives negative responses (Mueller, Lockshin, Saltman, & Blanford, 2010). More so, the presence of private benefits in eco-labeled products derives positive consumer responses (Delmas & Lessem, 2014). Such benefits may include health benefits, increased durability, and high quality. In this context, such factors will affect consumer’s willingness to buy cleaning products.
Health attribute influences consumer preferences for eco-labeled products. Developed countries like America offer eco-labels health claims through independent agencies. Various studies derive that most consumers always prefer healthier products. The increased customers’ demand for healthier food products has led to the use of eco-labeling (McCluskey & Loureiro, 2003). The authors conducted an empirical study on consumer preferences and willingness to buy various types of food ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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