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This paper seeks to show that fracking is an important and useful method that will benefit many of us.Fracking is a comparatively new method that involves drilling into the earth and then utilizing water under high pressure to hit a rock that leads to the release of the gas inside the rock…
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 Fracking Introduction Fracking, what is fracking? Fracking is a comparatively new method that involves drilling into the earth and then utilizing water under high pressure to hit a rock that leads to the release of the gas inside the rock. The water flow at high-pressure forces the gas out of the well. Usually, the method is undertaken vertically. It is also done horizontally. Horizontal drilling implies that the drilling process is done in a horizontal manner to the layer of the rock. The method is called fracking to indicate the fracturing of a rock by high-pressure [Obo13]. There has been an ongoing debate over the use of this method to extract gas. However, the pro and anti- fracking campaigns have failed to convince the masses on the benefits or the risks of fracking. Thus, this paper seeks to show that fracking is an important and useful method that will benefit many of us.
Fracking is done in four steps. During the first step, a vertical well is drilled into the ground up to the rock of interest. It then turns horizontally for some distance inside the shale containing the petroleum and gas. Under high-pressure, water is pumped into the well to create cracks from which gas can be released. The released gas along with the petroleum are then sucked up to the surface for processing. The used water, or waste, is pumped out of the well onto the surface from which it is disposed of carefully to avoid environmental contamination. The water is disposed of carefully as it contains harmful minerals and substances picked up below the ground [Mar13].
The benefits for fracking cannot be overstated. The method avails great environmental and economic advantages. Fracking produces what is commonly known as the shale gas. Hence, the merits of production of shale gas are numerous. The gas produced is used to fend of the energy deficit that face the country. Through the gas produced by fracking, it reduces the dependence on imported energy sources like oil [Mar13].
The method creates employment for many unemployed persons. The reason why it creates employment is that it is a relatively method. Hence, it has to create room for employees before people can sign contracts. The oil obtained from fracking fends off the dependence of a country on oil [Mar13].
Because the method is undertaken in remote areas, it provides economic benefits to the people residing around the places. It boosts the livelihoods of these persons by paying them for the use of the land around it. Improving the livelihood of any individual is not a joke [Mar13].
Through fracking, minerals such as oil, which are difficult to access are accessible. For example, in the U.S., fracking has adequately improved the production of oil. Consequently, the price of gas has reduced in the country. The method is evaluated to avail energy security to the country on the long-term. It also cuts down production of green-house gas like carbon dioxide that are harmful to the environment [Mar13].
It is evident that fracking is a beneficial procedure that has provided an alternative to the traditional methods of gas and oil manufacture. Thus, fracture is a great method that has room for improvement to boost the method in all aspects.
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