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Hydraulic Fracturing & Policy Actions in New York - Research Paper Example

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Possessing an internally-produced natural gas deposit and domestically processed petroleum products are great advantages for a certain country particularly the United States which has one of the highest energy and oil consumptions in the world. …
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Hydraulic Fracturing & Policy Actions in New York
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Download file to see previous pages The country has several potential sites for oil deposits which recently have been explored by oil-drilling companies. The latest innovation on oil drilling techniques has opened opportunities for the United States to become oil dependent, opening abundant supply of natural gases which the US didn’t have several years ago. One of the newest techniques being used for extracting high volume oil is called “Hydraulic Fracturing”. Even though this new technique would open up a big opportunity for the United States to become self-sufficient on oil, there is still manifold repudiation on the ratification of the proposal on several states as bunch of claims were raised that this type of gas extraction might come at the expense of the health of the public as well as the environment. Many government agencies proposed policies in order to regulate the natural gas explorations in various states in the country. This particular study focuses on the pathway of the states of New York alongside Pennsylvania in the writing of parametric policies that will regulate the oil-drilling operations and at the same time to protect the public safety by ensuring prevention of contaminating the water supplies and precluding some other side effects of Hydraulic Fracturing from taking place.
What is Hydraulic Fracturing?
“Hydraulic Fracturing is the propagation of fractures in a rock layer caused by the presence of a pressurized fluid. Hydraulic fractures may form naturally, as in the case of veins or dikes, or may be man-made in order to release petroleum, natural gas, coal seam gas, or other substances for extraction, where the technique is often called frackin or hydrofracking.” frackin or hydrofracking.” Since there are solid rock formations underneath the soil, hydraulic fracturing also uses chemicals and other substances in a form of highly-pressurized fluid that will fracture the rock formation paving the way towards the recovery of fossil fuels which are later to be converted into various petroleum products. In the United States, Hydraulic Fracturing is defined as “…is the process of utilizing pressurized water, chemical additives, and physical proppants to fracture rock layers and release petroleum, natural gas, or other substances so that they can be extracted.” Proppants are substances in forms of sand or fine coarse to prevent drilled holes from closing when operations are tentatively ceased. Hydraulic Fracturing is also common outside the United States. In Canada, though they have started the drilling operations by fracking in the 1990s, complaints about its safety as verbalized by the concerned and affected residents arose only after eleven years. In Australia, hydraulic fracturing is also very common; however, there were reported breakage or leaks on the pipes used for extraction which as per the report has contaminated the water supply in some parts of Australia. This has triggered the national and local governments in Australia to regulate the oil-drilling operations by potently prohibiting the inclusion of chemicals in the drilling process. Some other countries which use hydraulic fracturing are New Zealand, South Africa and the United Kingdom. Further, France had also used the technique but was eventually sent to closure after manifold public complaints. THE HYDRAULIC FRACTURING AND POLICY ACTION IN NEW YORK 4 The environmental and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Legal issues in Hydraulic Fracturing appreciation is received and boosts that sector of the economy to work even harder for future developments hoping for economic growth. References Damian, G. (2012). Obama Issues Executive Order on Hydraulic Fracturing. Retrieved on 22nd December 2012 from fracturing/ Everly, S. (2012). Imagine’ A New York World of Hydraulic Fracturing (and economical clean energy, sustainable jobs). Retrieved on 22nd December 2012...
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...carries various disadvantages, especially with regards to the environment. First, the process requires the use of a lot of water, which could be regarded as the inefficient use of a precious commodity, while it also leads to the production of a lot of wastewater that could contaminate the ground water and flow into streams and rivers (Hillstrom 56). There is potential for drinking water to become cross-contaminated as aquifers are infiltrated by chemicals used in the fracturing process, as well as methane. This has already happened in Pittsburgh and Wyoming in Colorado. Limited and ineffective regulation policies are also risks, especially the 2005 Energy Policy Act that does not cover...
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...activity in that it creates employment to young people and supports the economy of the country. Moreover, it has subsidized other more dangerous fossil fuels rich it carbon compounds that lead to global warming thus it acts as an n alternative source of energy. The concerned government should impose strict laws and regulations concerning the extraction of gas from the shale. It should also ensure that those laws are followed, and those companies that break them should face heavy penalties. Works Cited Marketline. “Hydraulic Fracturing.” Web Published on April 2014.p.19-20. Maule, Alexis, Makey, Colleen, Benson, Eugene, Barrows, Isaac and Scammel, Madeleine. “Disclosure of...
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