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1. What is RFID? Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a technology to recognize objects. This technology is for eternity classified as a technology similar to Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC). AIDC consists of Barcodes, Biometrics and Smartcards…
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MSc computer system security RFID
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Download file to see previous pages The prime advantage of RFID technology is its ease of use and minimalism. RFID replaces barcodes and is a time saving, effective and reliable alternative. That is the reason why it is adopted and deployed in multipurpose applications i.e. Supply Chain Management (SCM), Inventory Tracking, Theft Protection, Location based Services, Electronic Health Monitoring for health care systems, RFID integrated travel documents, payment systems and context-aware applications. In recent years, this technology is flourishing robustly due to its extensive usability in upcoming technologies i.e. Ubiquitous Computing, Pervasive Computing or Ambient Intelligence Solutions. RFID technology comprises of transmitters spreading electromagnetic technology in the environment to send and receive signals. The communication is conducted between two elements, transceiver and transponder. 2. Radio Frequency James Clerk formulated its principles in 19th Century [9]. The radio waves propagation is emitted the form of electromagnetic waves and promulgate in speed of light. The applications of radio waves consist of Radar systems, Fixed Mobile and Satellite Communication, Media Broadcasting and Computer Networks. Radio waves can utilize different band of frequencies measured in Hertz (Hz) which represents the natural process of oscillation in waves. RFID technology utilizes Low Frequency (LF), High Frequency (HF) and Ultra High Frequency (UHF) from the electromagnetic spectrum. Light waves have certain limitations when passing through objects. On the other hand radio waves travel through solid objects and opaque materials. The range of radio frequency waves which is currently used illustrates the following ranges; 30 KHz and 30 GHz [9]. Table 1 from [9] defines the bands in the electromagnetic spectrum. 3. Barcodes and RFID There is always a logical concept of analyzing RFID as a better substitute for the barcodes systems. However, the consideration of difference between these two technologies is imperative in order to deploy them successfully. Undeniably, RFID technology does not entail a line of sight to read the tags as compared to barcodes, where it is mandatory to identify the tag optically to scan it within a squat distance. Furthermore, in RFID technology, the space for data in a tag can be more than 100 bytes which is far greater than the maximum space available in barcodes. The available storage space provides the freedom to assign identification numbers not only to a brand but also to each item individually. The valuable functionality of identifying multiple tags concurrently enhances the efficiency in any operational environment employing this technology. On the other hand, RFID technology is prone in terms of attenuation and propagation problems hereditary from radio frequency, more specifically in the existence of metal or liquid. It is also a cheaper deployment as compared to barcode technology. Consequently, RFID industry stakeholders are working tirelessly to minimize the cost of RFID technology. The efforts are making the component prices lower, which are vital in calculating a cost of any RFID solution. As per the report in 2006, the RFID tag price will be around five cents [10]. 4. RFID Privacy and Security The protection related to privacy and security incorporated with RFID technology cannot be rectified without analyzing causes and driving factors. While ease of use and cost are the most significant factors, accumulation of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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