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Response to Kant and Singer - Essay Example

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This discussion talks that in their respective articles, Peter Singer and Immanuel Kant address specific issues that explain the behavior of humans especially the relationship that exists between humans and other non-human animals. Both philosophers contend that humans must always protect animals…
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Response to Kant and Singer
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Download file to see previous pages Unlike other non-human animals that readily adopt to their surroundings, humans often change their surrounding in order to make it more comfortable. As such, humans have sophisticated social and intellectual setup and therefore steers the relationship with other animals. The two scholars thus explain that humans must appreciate the role and position of the other animals thus developing a natural ecosystem for the other animals to prosper on their own.
Kent explains the need for the liberation of animals as a fundamental social feature that he likens to the many other liberal movements throughout the history of humans. By likening the need for animal liberation to the liberation of blacks in the United States, the renowned philosopher strives to develop a mental image of the issue and its importance. Animal rights are specific entitlements that humans accord animals in order to foster their lives and place in the society. The scholar explains that the current society experiences intense animal-human conflicts most of which result in the loss of ether human or animal lives (Kant 54). He explains that the case should not remain this way since the ecosystem can accommodate both the animals and the humans. He therefore calls for responsive relationship between animals and humans thus ensuring that each group enjoys its life to the fullest.
Peter Singer shares the ideas of Immanuel Kant who calls for the liberation of animals. Kant believes that treating animals humanely enhances the human-animal interactions thus minimizing the risks associated with such relationships. This implies Singer would appreciate and call for the implementation of Kant’s hypothesis. In the article, Kant argues that only those who exhibit rationality have moral worth. Rationality refers to a degree of levelheadedness that enables an individual to weigh his actions thus make appropriate decisions, those that do not show disregard to the social values. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Response to Kant and Singer Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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