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In the paper “Psychology of Personal Development” the author analyzes the human mind and actions by trying to understand what impacts their thoughts and actions. He gives as an example the book Psychology in Your Life, which teaches students how to apply psychology in their lives…
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Psychology of Personal Development
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Psychology of Personal Development Every person has a distinct way of thought and of doing things. Ones experiences alsoshape their thinking and personality. Psychology believes that inasmuch as individuals are different, they still share a lot in common. Psychology thus, tries to identify what the similarities are, what common thing can they learn from the similarities, and what are the differences and why the differences. The field of Psychology is the study of the human mind and actions by trying to understand what impacts their thoughts and actions.
The book Psychology in Your Life teaches students how to apply psychology in their lives. It can help us to analyze our actions and behaviors. There are three theories that explain how emotions develop. James Lange thinks that an emotion triggers a physical reaction. Cannon Bald theory believes that the brain is usually the first to receive a persons emotional response. Schachter Singers theory assumes that a situation triggers both a physical response and cognitive explanation. The biopsychosocial model explains that our personality, thoughts and behavior determine the kind of diseases a person gets. Different individuals react differently when they are under stress. Some overeat whereas others under eat, and both have an impact on our bodies (Sarah Grison, Todd Heartherton, & Gazzaniga, 2014). People can make a quick glance at us and form an opinion of who they think we are.
An analysis of my emotional response reveals that Schachter Singer best describes my emotional category. Every time something happens, I try to analyze and internalize it and try to evaluate why it did happen. Is it echoing a message across to me? When I am under stress, I mostly like engaging in an activity that I like either physically or mentally. A mental exercise helps me to challenge my mind to unwind whereas opening my mind up to viable solutions. Other times, I may overeat though this is not common. I am not obese though, I do exercise. I am also very optimistic and have high regards and appreciation for everyone irrespective of culture.
I am from China, born and raised there. My environment played a significant role in shaping both my attitude and personality. Chinese are very hard working and have a taste for the finer things in life. They also are good at crafting things. They have a drive to make things happen and to keep innovating new and valuable products. Such was and still is a major motivation for me. I want to work hard and implement something that will not only transform my life but those of others as well. As much as I get a first impression on someone, I try to dismiss the facts and interact the real person to know who they are although their facial and body expression speaks volumes. I look at things from the humanistic point of view. I believe that our attitude affects us. When a situation happens, one should be able to see it as a stepping stone to another phase.
In conclusion, psychology helps us to discover who we are and how our thoughts and actions have shaped us. The environment to which we are born and grow up in also plays a significant role in shaping our personality.
Sarah Grison, Todd Heartherton, & M, &. G. (2014). Psychology in Your Life. NewYork: W.W. Norton & Company. Read More
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Psychology of Personal Development Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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