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Evaluation of the patnership council in nottingham - Essay Example

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The Partnership Council is a community assistance group that was formed with the intention of supporting local people and getting them involved in improving the contemporary Nottingham community expressly in the NG 7 area. The organization has empowered residents to use…
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Evaluation of the patnership council in nottingham
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Download file to see previous pages The energy squad is on the progress of the Eco house that has been built with expensive technology funded by "partnership council" is demonstrating and teaching cost-effective, environmental DIY (do-it-yourself) (Joaana, 2014; pg. 23). The council offers training on how to save on water metered bills and energy with the aim of reducing household costs and fuel bills in a collective environmental change towards the British Government’s plan of reducing fuel misuse and carbon emission by 80% by 2050.
Additionally, using permaculture techniques, the council has enabled people to grow food in small-recycled containers. The use of the containers help in averting environmental degradation, and the food has significantly improved food security in the GN 7 area. Green grants offered by volunteers have ominously assisted inhabitants of GN 7 to increase their food productivity while contributing to the greater objective of conserving the environment especially the depleted neighborhoods. The council also exists to identify and recognize exclusive programs of brilliance and inspire the replication of model programs that help in fuel saving and/or increase in food production throughout the NG 7 region (Joaana, 2014; pg. 34). It has magnificently used its meager funds, mostly from donations, to support such programs and ensure that the society outstandingly reap from the healthy projects. It has fostered creativity in services that support a ‘livable community.’
Moreover, the council has also participated actively in identifying the shifting needs and preferences of the population. It maintains a good relationship with the residents to identify their worries and hopes and turn the hopes and/or anticipations into veracities. Through initiation of several programs that increase food productivity, the council has made significant changes ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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