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The paper “Trainee Evaluation for Advocacy Council Inc.”  provides the evaluation, which is assessing the value of the training program with regard to Language Service Toolkit in a bid to establish the trainee’s response to the training initiative…
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Trainee Evaluation for Advocacy Council Inc.
After having visited the Human Resource Director of Regional Information and Advocacy Council Inc., and received a copy of a survey utilized by the organization in evaluating their trainee’s level of learning following a training initiative conducted recently, the following is what I found out:
Title of the survey
The title of the survey is “Language Service Toolkit Training”
The message being conveyed here pertains to the purpose of the evaluation, which is assessing the value of the training program with regard to Language Service Toolkit in a bid to establish the trainee’s response to the training initiative, as well as the overall effects of the training effort on the trainee that may affect the organization’s performance (Fondern, 2006).
Assurances of anonymity and confidentiality for the respondent (if present, describe).
From the copy of the survey, it is clear that the respondents are assured of anonymity and confidentiality of the information provided. This is because there is no requirement whatsoever for the respondent to provide their names. Furthermore, there is no place left for respondent’s name. This is probably meant to make the respondents become more open and provide information that could be used for future improvement of the program (Fondern, 2006).
Are instructions present at the beginning of the survey? If so, what is the message conveyed to the respondents.
Instructions are indeed available at the beginning of the survey. The message here directs the respondents on the procedure of how the questionnaire is supposed to be filled. For instance, at the beginning, respondents are advised to circle as appropriate (Fondern, 2006).
Describe the types of items shown in the survey that are used to gather data.
Data in these survey is gathered by use of a questionnaire containing questions that the respondents are expected to answer. The questions are structure in accordance with the objects of the evaluation process (Fondern, 2006).
Are there instances where three to four items measure the same variable? If so, describe.
There are no such instances as the survey is structured in a manner that each item measures only one variable. This is probably to avoid duplication of work (Fondern, 2006).
How many words are used in the shortest item present and how many words are used in the longest item present?
The shortest item has only four words present. That is, “The presentation was clear.” The longest item, on the other hand, has eleven words. That is, “I have acquired knowledge that I can transfer to my practice” (Fondern, 2006).
How many total items are shown on the survey and how much time is necessary to complete the survey?
There are thirteen items on the survey to be filled. However, based on the nature of the questions, the survey may take the respondent less than twenty minutes to complete. This is because some of the questions only require the respondent to circle as appropriate (Fondern, 2006).
Describe the statistical analysis that will most likely be utilized to analyze the various types of data acquired from the survey. It is possible that more than one analysis will be necessary! For example, frequencies, percentages, qualitative or perhaps all of these.
As much as there are several ways of analyzing data, such analysis need to be as simple as possible and confined to what is available so as to be able to draw conclusions. The data can be analyzed to obtain the mean, and mode. The data in this case can be presented using the bar charts or pie charts by first converting the data into percentages. This will be very simple and will take very little time. Furthermore, from the two, one would be able to understand the data very easily by just looking at it (Fondern, 2006).
Fondern, S. (2006). Training evaluation report. Regional Information and Advocacy Council Inc. 19 December, pp. 1-11.
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