Unit VIII Assessment#2 Treatment Method Reducing Particulate Matter - Essay Example

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Primary such as hydrocarbons, dust, smoke that are released directly to the air while secondary forms includes ammonia, sulfur that usually react with other pollutants so as…
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Unit VIII Assessment#2 Treatment Method Reducing Particulate Matter
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Treatment Method for Reducing Particulate Matter Treatment Method for Reducing Particulate Matter Particulate matter refers to small particles in the air that can either be in primary or secondary form. Primary such as hydrocarbons, dust, smoke that are released directly to the air while secondary forms includes ammonia, sulfur that usually react with other pollutants so as to form particulate matter. One of the methods that can be used would be filtration where filters are used to remove the particulate matter; there is also the use of catalysts that help to reduce concentration of the particulate matter emitted. The gaseous stream contacts with a catalytic emission trap there in reducing particulate matter by thirty percent or even more (Wang et al, 2005).
The gas velocity is adjusted hourly based on concentration of the particulate matter found in the gaseous stream for instance when the particulate matter concentration increases the velocity is decreased to enhance efficiency. A controller is fitted to adjust the velocity when desired. It can also be configured so as to control regeneration of catalytic emission traps.
There is also the use of electrostatic precipitators where particulate matter is removed by use of electrodes. The dust is charged with negative corona and adheres to electrodes that are used to collect the dust and are usually positively charged, the particulate matter is removed by tapping the cathode by a hammering device (Wang et al, 2005). The temperatures of the electrostatic precipitators are adjusted time to time to enhance effectiveness.
According to Jess (2013) treatment methods to reduce nitrogen dioxide emissions involves one, fuel denitrogenation that is removing the large amount of nitrogen that is contained in the fuels. There also use of selective catalytic reduction. In this method ammonia is injected to the flue gas so as to react with the nitrogen oxides possibly present and convert them to water and nitrogen (Jess, 2013). The catalyst present allows the reaction to take place at low temperatures. This method achieves up to ninety percent reduction. The other treatment method is use of activated carbon process which is either char or coke. This is where Nitrogen II oxide is reduced to NO through a carbon reaction which takes place at temperature of about 800C () and can reduce it by about sixty percent. Addition of ammonia can later be done to get nitrogen and water.
Jess, A. (2013). Chemical Technology: an integral textbook. WILEY-VCH.
Wang, L. K., Hung, Y., & Shammas, N. K. (2005). Physicochemical Treatment Processes. Totowa, N.J.: Humana Press. Read More
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