Unit VI Assessment#2 Particulate Matter Monitors - Essay Example

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According to Gurjar, Molina, & Ojha (2010), effective monitoring programs should assess air quality of a particular region (p. 22). Therefore, people develop instruments that can monitor particulate matter in…
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Unit VI Assessment#2 Particulate Matter Monitors
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Particulate Matter Monitors Insert Insert One of the main steps to control air pollution is through monitoring. According to Gurjar,Molina, & Ojha (2010), effective monitoring programs should assess air quality of a particular region (p. 22). Therefore, people develop instruments that can monitor particulate matter in the atmosphere. DynOptic Systems Ltd and GRIMM Aerosol Technik are some of the world’s leading manufacturers of instruments for particulate air quality monitoring. Operations, Products and services for DynOptic Systems are present on their company website at the URL: while those for GRIMM Aerosol Technik are found at the URL:
GRIMM Aerosol Technik manufactured the Grimms Aerosol Laser Particle Spectrometer Model 1.108 to monitor particulate matter.
Working Principle: This monitor is an example of a high speed counter with a resolution of 1 count/liter. The monitor collects aerosols on a removable 47 mm Teflon filter allowing for future analysis. The particulate monitor can also analyze aerosols using 1.177 GRIMM Software program on a computer screen. The monitor has a random sampling head for collecting particles and leading them directly into an optical chamber that has a laser. The chamber counts each particle and classifies them by size. The concentration of the particles relates to the duration of collection. The monitor can also give results continuously up to one minute intervals (Peters, Ott, & Patrick, 2006).  
Key Features:  The Model 1.108 can conduct real-time monitoring and the same times analyze the particles later. The monitor can measure particle size ranges from 0.30 µm to 20 µm and can auto zeros and self-diagnose itself. The monitor has software that is fully compatible with most Windows operating systems
Gurjar, B., Molina, L., & Ojha, C. (2010). Air pollution: Health and Environmental Impacts. Boc raton: Taylor & Francis Gruop- CRC Press.
Peters, M., Ott, D., & Patrick, T. (2006). Comparison of the Grimm 1.108 and 1.109 Portable Aerosol Spectrometer to the TSI 3321 Aerodynamic Particle Sizer for Dry Partciles. Annals of Occupational Hygiene Advance Access , 1-8. Read More
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