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This method of modeling assumes that the air pollutant dispersion contain the Gaussian distribution such that the pollutant has been distributed using a normal population. They are often used for prediction…
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Unit VII Assessment#1 Gaussian Plume Models
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Unit VII Assessment Gaussian Plume Models affiliation. Introduction Gaussian plume model is among the main air pollution dispersion models. This method of modeling assumes that the air pollutant dispersion contain the Gaussian distribution such that the pollutant has been distributed using a normal population. They are often used for prediction and dispersion of continuous buoyant air pollution originating from elevated sources. (Nieuwstadt and Dop ,1975).
Examples of Gaussian models include Parsimonious Gaussian Mixture Models and Latent Gaussian Models which includes Factor Analysis Model. Other models that have regional scale puff models and Eulerian grid models (Gaujar,2010).
Screen 3 models are an air pollution dispersion method used to investigate environmental aspect and condition of the atmospheric air (Livermore, 1998).it is a model designed to estimate worst case ground level concentrations of a single source as well as that in a cavity zone and the concentrations resulting from inversion break and shoreline fumigation. Therefore, SCREEN3 is a screening version of the ISC3 modeling. Its initial modeling works towards removing the need for a complicated modeling and helps in saving time and resources (Gaujar, 2010). It was developed in 1995 following the Gaussian plume modeling to cover regional scales. (Nieuwstadt and Dop, 1975).
SCREEN3 has various advantages compared to other modeling types. First, it investigates ground level concentrations over large zones saving on time consumptions and minimizing resource inputs. It also covers models over any terrain while setting up any sources and pollutants in one file, it sets thresholds concentrations quickly while identifying specified value. In addition it analyses results in different formats such as graphical, text and use of tables (Nieuwstadt and Dop, 1975).
However, SCREEN3 has some constraints in that it is not suitable for smaller scales and its software required skilled personnel to use (Gaujar 2010).
Evaluation of a curium release using air surveillance monitoring data and EPAs SCREEN3 model. (1998). Livermore, Calif: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory ;.
Gurjar, B. R. (2010). Air pollution: health and environmental impacts. Boca Raton: Taylor & Francis.
Nieuwstadt, F. T., & Dop, H. v. (1975). Validation of a multiple source diffusion model based on the Gaussian plume model. De Bilt: Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute. Read More
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