Green Houes Gases and its effect and How can we reduce its effect - Essay Example

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Greenhouse gases are known to result to climate changes due to their effect on temperature, where they absorb radiations from the earth , trap them causing the atmosphere to…
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Green Houes Gases and its effect and How can we reduce its effect
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Download file to see previous pages Energy efficiency needs to be addressed so as to deal with this menace. This paper also outlines the measures that can be taken to ensure that global warming is reduced and the environment remains sustainable.
The term greenhouse gas refers to a gas resulting to the greenhouse effect through the absorption of infrared radiations. Many GHGs occur naturally in the atmospheric conditions. Other greenhouse gases are generated from human activities on the surface of the earth. Various human activities increase the concentration of the gases within the earth’s surface. The involved gases include the carbon dioxide originating from remnant fuel combustions. Methane is also a greenhouse gas resulting from the waste damps and nitrous oxide that also develops over industrial processes. HCFC-22 is another greenhouse gas obtained from refrigerants as the main source. As such, an increased atmospheric concentration of the greenhouse gases results to the earth trapping infrared radiations. The results effects distort the radiation equilibrium forcing a rise in temperature ranges to regain the natural balance. The effects of the greenhouse gases require decades to impact on higher surfaces due to large capacities of the oceans to amass heat. This paper elaborates the greenhouse gases and resultant effects. As such, the paper will also discuss possible ways to reduce the effects.
Environment contamination is the developing scope of study in the present global challenges. The environmental pollution originates from the increasing demand for manufacturing products and large markets in industrial manufacture. Industries over rely on the environment for sustainable supply of natural resources and the daily amalgamation of the raw materials to supply the large industrial projects (Sharaf, 2012). Manufacturing absorption of the raw materials affects the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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