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The mans effect on environment - Essay Example

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The man’s effect on environment is not an overblown fact but a reality. Human can have impact on environment because he has the ability to interfere with the way environment works unlike other living beings. …
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The mans effect on environment
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This would restore the natural habitat of salmon, estuary and beaches because the nutrient rich sediments will flow downstream. It will prevent erosion and also would enhance the natural eco – system. In the case of water flow in Florida and the people can be affected by such projects. However, people need to take precedence for environment restoration because a responsible and intelligent we have the obligation to protect and preserve nature. If at all any destruction is caused to nature despite of the agent causing it we have the responsibility to take action to protect nature.
My estimated greenhouse gas emissions are 15 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) equivalents per year, which is below the U.S. national average. In order to limit our impact on environment we should use energy only for need basis. The lighting in the house needs to be efficient. The diet should contain less of meat products. It is essential to use less of vehicles for movement and the recycle products as much as possible. I need to use more organic food and should resort to vegetables and fruits. I need to switch to solar panels for fuel needs.
One of the invasive species which is threatening is zebra mussels. It is a problem both in Unites States and Europe. Zebra mussel is a small fresh water mussel and was native to Southern. Russia. This species was introduced to many regions in West in unknown incidents. They are small in size and as they disrupt the ecosystem they are tagged as an Invasive species. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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