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Water Provision in Arid and Semi Arid Areas - Essay Example

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In this paper, the writer discusses three methods of water provision in arid and semi arid areas. They are-desalination, ground water harvesting, rain water harvesting.The essay will discuss the available options, the needs for using each of the methods…
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Water Provision in Arid and Semi Arid Areas
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Download file to see previous pages The position of ground water will determine the costs of drilling and the length of the pipes that will be used. If it is far below the cost will be high and if it is near the surface the cost will be less. In rain water harvesting, the main factor that is considered is the amount of rain that is received in the given region. In arid and semi arid areas it is logic that the amount of rain is minimal and so there is the need to ensure that the available rain is utilized in the best way possible. This is done by increasing the surface area of the harvesters. The storage is done in tanks and the water can be used for human consumption, irrigation and also for giving livestock.Rain water harvesting refers to the collection of water before it reaches the ground surface. The water is used for subsistence purposes and also for other purposes like irrigation. Rain water harvesting has been used for a long time in many regions and it has been applied lately in arid and semi arid areas to take advantage of the little amount of rain that is received in those regions. The rain water received is usually preferred over the collected ground water because it is considered soft and lacks the minerals, unlike ground water which is hard and contains minerals which are associated with a number of problems like failing to foam while cleaning and changing of teeth color when drank without boiling.In the collection of rain water, the method that has mainly been used by many people is the collection of rooftop water. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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