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Global Water Crisis - Research Paper Example

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The following paper entitled "Global Water Crisis" dwells on the dangerous state of global water. As the author puts it, with the current rate of global warming, water scarcity is a growing concern with many people of the world having no sufficient supply of water. …
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Global Water Crisis
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Extract of sample "Global Water Crisis"

Download file to see previous pages Each economy in the world is dependent on water for survival. However, for all its significance, few firms, as well as investors, think strategically concerning the intense commercial risks, which will prevail in a globe where climate transformation is possible to intensify already decreasing water supplies. The scarcity of water is increasing worldwide and it is clear that it will decline more in the future. Businesses as well as investors who have always had taken clean, reliable, and cheap water for granted, are significantly affected by the declining accessibility, diminishing quality, as well as, the increasing demand for water. These issues are currently leading to a reduction in firm’s water allocations, shifts toward full-cost pricing, more strict water quality controls, increasing community resistance.
Despite Iran having varying climatic conditions, the country has been experiencing a high water shortage with only a few households connected to a reliable source of water. Iran experiences arid as well as semi-arid weather conditions thereby exposing the country to extreme water shortage. Currently, this issue has become more evident because of the recent droughts experienced in particular parts of the nation. Government and other stakeholders are doing very little to reverse the condition which instead of water supply increasing, it is decreasing at an alarming rate. This condition is a threat to the peace being experienced in the region. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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