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Shortage of water affects all continents with an estimated 3 million people lacking access to safe drinking water (Cech, 2010). Water shortages are caused by a number of factors with the major causes being climate change…
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Global reasons for water shortages
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Global Reasons of Water Shortages Global Reasons of Water Shortages Water shortage is the world’s greatest challenge today. Shortage of water affects all continents with an estimated 3 million people lacking access to safe drinking water (Cech, 2010). Water shortages are caused by a number of factors with the major causes being climate change that has contributed to altered weather patterns leading to floods and drought, escalated pollution, increased demand for water and misuse of the obtainable water (Chamberlain, 2008). Other reasons for water shortage include environmental degradation such as deforestation for human settlement and wastage. These reasons in conjunction with uncontrolled population have led to straining of the available water sources limiting access to the resource.
Generally, water scarcity is caused by the growing demand for fresh water and depletion of the already strained water sources as people clear and settles on land near water catchment areas (Chellaney, 2013). In essence, such scarcities arise out of two mechanisms; absolute insufficiency and economic inadequacy. Physical insufficiency is attributed to insufficient natural sources of water as demanded by the dependent population. On the other hand, economic water shortages entail unsustainable management of the scarce water resources. This is the major cause of water shortage in developing countries. As earlier mentioned, climate change being one of the major reasons for water shortage in the world contribute to waning glaciers, condensed steam and shrinking lakes (Miller & Spoolman, 2009). There is an increasing need for global leaders to control global warming, pollution and environmental conservation if the problem of water scarcity is to be fully addressed.
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