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Why Does Officers Shortage Hit Shipping Industry - Essay Example

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The paper "Why Does Officers Shortage Hit Shipping Industry?" addresses the probable causes for marine officers’ shortage and actions the fleet owners and managers need to review to avoid future manning issues. In the shipping industry, there will be no circumstances in which people’s shared identity could limit an organization’s agility…
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Why Does Officers Shortage Hit Shipping Industry
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Extract of sample "Why Does Officers Shortage Hit Shipping Industry"

Download file to see previous pages The shortage of employee recruitment is quite evident in the shipping sector, with a shortage of marine officers negatively impacting the functioning of the shipping companies. This detrimental trend is predicted to continue in the future as well, with global studies by reputed agencies predicting that by 2015, the shortage of marine officers is likely to nearly treble at 27,000 from 10,000 now. (Rajasimhan 2006). The shortage of marine officers is due to personal as well as macro-environmental reasons.

One of the main causes is the age-old phenomenon of differences or gaps in the demand and supply function. “Some of the main supply increases are due to one-off factors, such as better data reporting following the implementation of STCW 95”. (Rajasimhan 2006). That is, with globalization impacting maximum countries and international trade being liberalized, opened up and maximized, the role of the shipping industry was also maximized. With international trade between countries and corporations increasing day by day, and with a wide range of products being imported and exported maximally, shipping companies are introducing more ships to handle this increased trade. This introduction of more ships in tune with the current scenario necessitates the recruitment of more employees to man them.

“During the past decade, the number of commercial fleet vessels increased at a rate of 1 percent per annum. Overall demand for both officers and ratings has increased partly due to new larger ships.” (Rajasimhan 2006). In addition, there is minimal scope for further manning reductions in other or current ships and diverting those employees to the newer ships. This is because the current work hour regulations as part of the ISPS Code, along with commercial expectations of the shipping companies have increased the workload onboard, in most of the currently functioning ships. It said seven to 10 years would be needed for a university student to take a degree and acquire sufficient seafaring experience before being considered suitable for a shore-based position.

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