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Recommendation Report on Water Provision Methods at St. Osyth - Essay Example

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Recommendation Report on Water Provision Methods at St. Osyth.
St. Osyth is one of the areas considered officially the driest. This area although considered arid, receives certain levels of torrential downpour of rainfall (Dolnicar and Schafer, 2009; p. 23)…
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Recommendation Report on Water Provision Methods at St. Osyth
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Download file to see previous pages Alternative ways of providing water t-o people living in this area is necessary so as to eliminate problems associated with water scarcity such as starvation and dehydration. This report is a recommendation of the best ways to provide water in these arid areas for the people around there (Funamizu et al, 2008; p. 15). The participants in this investigation were drawn from different t sectors in order to understand how the geographical limits would be combated in order to deliver effective provision of water. Background information St. Osyth in the coastal strip of East Anglia in Britain was identified as one of the areas that require recommendations of efficient water supply. Off0icially, it is the driest area in Britain with an annual rainfall of 20.20 in (513mm). As such, two ways of water provisions were selected for analysis and comparison in order to identify if whether both can be alternatively applied or if only one can be adopted for success of solving water shortage and crisis that often characterized these regions. These investigation and its consequent recommendations follow a long list of studies that have been done in identifying the problems associated with water supply and sanitation and that also face the OECD countries. However, several problems have been identified with regard to water supply and sanitation in general. The major problem has always been the balance of cost and sustainability with regard to water supply infrastructure....
Water provision typology Decentralized versus Centralized infrastructure Decentralized water provision infrastructure describes a local source of water and is also treated locally. At St. Osyth, wells can be dug in large scale in order to provide water at the local levels for use. The area administration should take it upon itself to commission a couple of large wells that have the potentials of producing enough water that can sustain the demand. The harvest of grey water which describes the recycling of non-industrial waste water, majorly a product of the domestic usage can be put into good use. The water is harvest treated and stored to feed the demand when the levels of water in the wells go down. According to USEPA, this non-industrial water is undrinkable but can fit efficiently in flushing of toilets, farm irrigation and other necessary purposes apart from drinking. Decentralized water infrastructure also includes the reclamation of water. Reclaimed water refers to originally waste water but which been subjected to different levels of treatment in order to remove certain water impurities and solid waste. This water can be used for fire suppression, dust control and most importantly irrigation. When highly advanced treatment methods are applied, the reclaimed water can be used for more potable use such discharging the water into another water body before being utilized in other potable systems (Dolnicar and Schafer, 2009; p. 83). Centralized Fresh water Rain and storm water, reclaimed and grey water may be described under decentralized infrastructure but can also be identified as a singly different way of providing water at St.Osyth. However, in this case the most ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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