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The Fonterra Co-operative Limited is a co-operative and multi-national dairy company based in New Zealand whose contribution to the world dairy exports amounts to 30% while attracting revenue of almost twenty billion New Zealand dollars. The co-operatives members who own this…
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Fonterra Tirau
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Download file to see previous pages The product made at this facility amounts to thousands of tons annually that feed both the foreign and the domestic markets. As the result of an upgrade in 1981, the true site operated by Fonterra is the only one that produces lactalbumin whose tonnage is 1400 annually and is an essential ingredient in nutritional applications.
During the high season between August and December of each year, the true site usually processes almost 2.9 million liters on a daily basis, which is collected from the dairy farmers who are also shareholders in Fonterra. The other product manufactured at the Tirau site is lactic casein that totals 7000 tons annually, whose main export market is China, USA, most European states, and Japan (Fonterra, 2014).
Fonterra is one of the companies that has attracted the interest of environmentalists and government agencies charged with protecting the environment. This is not surprising since (“Water Quality in New Zealand” 2012) states milk processing plants are the major environmental pollutants in New Zealand, and this includes Fonterra’s sites. Tirau being a principle road town in the Waikato region has experienced an increase in commercial and agricultural activities over the years that have caused a major impact on the environment especially on the water resources. Subsequently, the water pH and levels of conductivity in Waikato region have been deteriorating gradually with the Waikato River experiencing high levels of pollution.
According to environmental impact assessment reports, a majority of the industries that cause pollution is dairy farming and product plants together with the use of high nitrogen fertilizers that have made the water pH levels in these regions to deteriorate. Fonterra Tirau understands that the industrial activities conducted at this plant is one of the key contributors to the environmental degradation of the Waikato region and has put in place ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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