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Waste Management in Fonterra Tirau - Assignment Example

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Recently, Tirau site is manufacturing lactic casein, ethanol, and lactalbumin, producing 11,400 tonnes per annum for home and global markets (Jackson.W, 2003).
The site has an input of about…
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Waste Management in Fonterra Tirau
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Extract of sample "Waste Management in Fonterra Tirau"

Download file to see previous pages Tirau site produces both technical and edible casein, manufacturing about 7000 tonnes per year for export to the USA, China, Japan and Europe. Fonterra Tirau contribute a lot to the South Waikato community and its members. Fonterra Tirau site conducts regular neighborhood clean-ups and helps the unpaid assistant fire brigade in their activities. Biogas produced from the site’s waste water treatment system is used to partly fuel the site’s boilers. Fonterra Tirau site owns one of the largest waste water treatment plants in the Southern part of Hemisphere and all other sites in the region relays on this site (Franklin, R 2007).
A detailed EIA report that was submitted to Waikato department of Environment should have the following details which are the main components of EIA: Screening, Scoping, prediction and mitigation, management and monitoring or audit.
Screening is the process of deciding on whether an EIA is required. EIA may be based on site-specific information. For example in this case before the Tirau site was established EIA should have been conducted because it is likely to cause a lot of environmental issues which require to be properly mitigated. Guidelines for whether or not an EIA is required will be country specific depending on the laws or norms in operation (Manning 1986).
Scoping is conducted early in the project cycle at the same time as outline planning and pre-feasibility studies. Scoping is the process of identifying the key environmental issues and is perhaps the most important step in an EIA. Decision makers, the local community and the technical community, have an interest in assisting to premeditate the issues which should be dealt with (Wathern, 1988).
Prediction and mitigation follows once the scoping process is finished once the major impacts to be studied have been identified, prediction and mitigation measures are then discussed. Mitigation is defined as a set of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Waste Management in Fonterra Tirau Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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