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Resource Conservation and Recovery Act - Essay Example

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However, many companies tend to neglect environmental laws thus disposing toxic wastes into the atmosphere, which poses a big threat to vegetation, climatic distribution…
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Resource Conservation and Recovery Act
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Wellstar produces xylophine, an anti depressant drug. The company had been accessed recently by ‘Pollution Control Agency’ and the results tended to meet the state requirement. This is a good aspect in relation to environmental conservation. This aspect indicates a fact that the company does not pose any threats to the indigenous people around it. A recent access of the company indicated that Wellstar produces 500kilograms of nickel catalyst as production resultant wastes each month. The company has a policy of preventing the deposition of the catalyst product into the atmosphere but apparently, the nickel substances end up into the soil resulting to the killing of vegetation in the region.
Nickel does not have an immediate impact on human pollution however; it accumulates in the soil as well as aquatic plants and animals such as fish. A high concentration of nickel leads to formation of compound as it is highly reactive with various gases in the atmosphere. These compounds are carcinogenic and mostly result to lung cancer infection. These notion violets Resource Conservation and Recovery Act 40CFR part 268, which provides regulation of waste disposal thus prohibiting the disposal of hazardous waste on land without prior treatment. Excessive nickel in plants also affects their growth thus leading to statured growth in plant. This decreases the production level of farms produce as well as raw materials for production and manufacturing industries. Minnesota is a leading Agricultural state in the United State of America and thus the resultant effects of the environmental pollution posed by Wellstar Company may in turn affect neighbouring states negative impacts to the economic systems of these states. Low production of farm products might lead to the rise of food prices in the market.
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