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And I will place the people who follow you above those who are disbelievers until the Day of Rising. Then you will all return to Me, and I will judge between you…
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Blog 3
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Number From the Noble Quran: When Allah said, "Isa, I will take you back and raise you up to Me and purify you of those who are disbelievers. And I will place the people who follow you above those who are disbelievers until the Day of Rising. Then you will all return to Me, and I will judge between you regarding the things about which you differed. (The Holy Quran, Chapter 3, Verse 55)
In this verse, The Quran plainly states the reoccurrence of Jesus to earth. Most of the verses contain explicit declarations concerning this matter. Here is a verse that is a message to a group exactingly following to Jesus and who shall be reserved above the skeptics until the Day of Ruling. These supporters include the the disciples who existed in the period of Jesus, at the same time they may refer to the current Christians.
From the Hadiths (Sayings of Muhammad):
“They ask you [Prophet] about the Hour, ‘When will it happen?’ Say, ‘My Lord alone has knowledge of it: He alone will reveal when its time will come, a time that is hidden from both the heavens and earth. All too suddenly it will come upon you.’ They ask about it as if you were eager [to find out]. Say, ‘God alone has knowledge of [when it will come], though most people do not realize it.’ Say [Prophet], ‘I have no control over benefit or harm, even to myself, except as God may please: if I had knowledge of what is hidden, I would have abundant good things and no harm could touch me. I am no more than a bearer of a warning and good news to those who believe.’” Quran 7:187-188
In this verse, Prophet Muhammad Predicts of Christ’s Reoccurrence, Jesus will come back. If one happens to observe him, then recognize him. He is a gentleman of a temperately healthy-looking appearance, who shall be wearing two slightly yellow clothes. He will come to take with him those who have been loyal to him.
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David Goldman. Resurgent Islam and America. London: Diane Publishers, 2010.Print Read More
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Blog 3 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 3.
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