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Undoubtedly, Middle Eastern countries and other oil producing regions of the world have made America to remain dependent on them for meetings its annual demand for fuel consumption. This is an alarming situation for which it is expected that the concerned authorities are able to…
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Blog 2

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Download file to see previous pages This can either be charged annually or for every purchase being made by economic drivers. Another way is to make use of renewable oil which is gaining much attention in recent research and development processes. This will allow companies to work for the betterment of environment as well which is a debated subject ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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...view all the different statistics related to your blog. Things To Do 1. Click on the 'settings' button which is near the top right corner in the blue area under the grey bar. Edit the details as you see fit. One thing that you need to do is change the email address from mine to yours so that any details of the blog get mailed on your address. 2. Notice that there are other tabs including writing, reading, discussion etc. Change any details you wish. 3. To post a new entry, simply click on the bigger tab named 'Write'. This will automatically open up a space where you can post anything. Click on publish (next to save button) to make the post appear on the homepage. 4. To make a new page,...
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Blog Reflection - 2

... Please observe your neighborhood (or your own home) and notice the plants growing in peoples yards? Do the plants being cultivated communicate cultural identity? If so, which identity? Tell us about it. And if you had a garden what plants would you want to grow and why? Recently, we have a neighbor who has just made an attempt of growing a ‘cactus’ in a special portion of their backyard. Despite her fondness in exotic plants, our neighbor would say that she misses travelling in the Middle East. Already this provides me with the notion that the plant is identified to the place where it thrives mostly and since it’s a cactus, we can expect that it would grow and adapt to an arid region where rains are low or seldom. In particular... Please...
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... Reflection Paper on Solano Canyon Community Garden Collaborative Work Working in a team at the Solano Canyon Community Garden had been a great experience. We all know that every experience would consist of failures and successes, hits and misses, and good and bad. However, from a positive standpoint, I will say that in general, this group collaboration provided me with a great learning experience not only in community gardens and environmental studies, but also in group work. In this paper, I will describe from an objective perspective the experiences I had and the lessons I learned from the activity. First, I want to tell you something about myself. On a general level, I am a team player. I love working in groups... Reflection Paper on...
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...Blog: IT Service Continuity Management Process in achieving Business Needs al Affiliation) Businesses in today’s world are increasingly supported and delivered using the ever-advancing information technology. IT management as well as management of a business must be guided and supported on how to efficiently manage IT infrastructure. This cost effectively improves the functionality and quality of business operations. IT service are managed to meet business expectations (Earnest, 2010). Firstly, this process includes the service level management that is responsible for creating a chain between the customers and the IT Company. The main role and objective of this level of management is to ensure that the IT services are of...
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Blog 2

... Socialization Socialization is a process whereby the individual learns and internalizes his culture. Thus, incorporating a number of values, norms and rules, the individual is able to integrate into the social world: the socialization is somewhat a process of "entry into society." Socialization can be distinguished in two ways: a primary socialization in the early stages of life that gives the family a key role (DiGiulio 39). It transmits to the childs language and social codes the most basic (learning to eat properly, for example); a secondary socialization that is part throughout life and that reactive particularly when the individual enters a new social status (transition from student to employee status; child to parent... Socialization...
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...BusinessWeek (2010), in a survey conducted in about 150 IT subdivisions at middle-sized companies, “IT Leadership Exchange found that 90 per cent of CIOs expect that the IT department will be misaligned with business needs in an economic recovery…this will threaten the business’s long-term competitiveness”. CONTINUAL IT IMPROVEMENT SERVICES AND ITS MANAGEMENT 2 The job of bringing IT services and business precedence into line is more than scientific in context. Nevertheless, by way of continuing dialogue with the IT officials and by aligning our business objectives, the IT Leadership Exchange "finds that an IT department can boost its effectiveness to the company by 54 per cent" (Bloomberg,...
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... 6 July Binary Systems of Gender in Art, Comics, and Advertising Art and advertising increasingly challenge binary systemsof gender through depicting subjects in clothing, actions, attitudes, and roles that defy gender norms and expectations. Barthel expresses that advertisements signifies social realities: “The people who have created modern advertising are…just producing an especially visible manifestation, good and bad, of the American way of life” (p. 186). As a result, many advertisements nowadays use women, who are sexually liberated, to express their gender empowerment, since many women actually use their sexuality to escape confining rules about femininity and virginity. Some perfume and apparel advertisements... 6 July Binary Systems ...
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Blog 2

...IGOs as an Actor of Global Governance: Conflict between Northern and Southern Sudan Global governance offers a good platform for solving contemporary issues both nationally and internationally. To a larger extent, this concept has been useful in elevating and/or managing major problems facing our global society including natural disasters, epidemics such as HIV, and conflicts among others. Margaret and Mingst, 2010, identifies varies actors of global governance including Non-Governmental organizations, international regimes, and intergovernmental organizations. Of interest in this writing is the role played by intergovernmental organizations in global governance and specifically their role in dealing and solving interstate... as an Actor of...
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Blog 2

... Graph one shows that OECD countries earn very high income in one litre of oil that is consumed in one of their countries. Graph two indicates that OECD countries gained more revenues from oil taxes than the OPEC members which gained fewer revenues from exporting oil. It also highlight that revenue by OPEC covers exploration, production, and transportation while that in OECD is for development purposes. Graph 3 shows that OECD countries earned more revenue per barrel of oil than the OPEC countries. The fourth graphs show that oil products were highly taxed in OECD countries than in OPEC countries. This increased its prices in the market. There was misconception about the issues of who gets what from oil revenues because many... Graph one...
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Hamlet blog 2

...Response to the Hamlet Play by William Shakespeare It is much appealing to the readers in that the long awaited moment is witnessed at the end of Act 2 of the Hamlet play by William Shakespeare. Right from the end of Act 1 through the two scenes in Act 2, the audience has waited King Hamlet to revenge against King Claudius. King Hamlet advocates the play The Murder of Gonzago to be played in enhanced scenes so as to make Claudius killed King Hamlet before he resurrected. However, the end of Act 2 is just a preparation of act 3, scene 1 where conspiracy among the main characters continues (MacDonald 39). Shakespeare has created suspense in the audience in the transition from Act...
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