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Globalization price and human repay on industrialization is the two core problems associated with Maquilapolis city of factories. In Maquilapolis, globalization allows a corporation…
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Insert Insert of the supervisor Insert of the Insert assignment is due Maquilapolis film summary Maquiladora is aMexican term describing the distributed factories because of the global economy. Globalization price and human repay on industrialization is the two core problems associated with Maquilapolis city of factories. In Maquilapolis, globalization allows a corporation to seek for cheap labor with disregard in environmental regulations. The director of the film revokes the ingenious collaboration of filmmakers and women workers in Tijuana factories to produce a video diary. Cameras were available to women who had the obligation to document the events in the community and their general lives. This allows tackling of successive challenges within the women group alongside a replacement of pity and hopelessness by determination and uplifting faith.
The moment of activism is from collaboration of three sweatshops employees with Funari, her co director and De La Torre the artist photographer. ‘Maquilapolis: city of factories’ takes us to Tijuana where Mequiladoras takes advantage of cheap labor and low taxes. Most of The workers are women who take the mental of championing for justice and necessary changes. Social, environmental and economic changes from industrialization results to pollution, joblessness and poverty in Mexico, that is sentimental in the film.
Carmen and Lourdes are the women at the centre of the film. Manufacturing and assembly plants are full of women who make consumer goods for long hours in unsafe conditions and low wage. Horrors of industrialization get some expression through self-confession. Workers face exposure to chemicals that damage skin, lungs, and nasal passage. Kidney complications are not exception here as in most places of work drinking and urination is illegal. Apart from factories, home environment is also a delicate this makes most of the workers and their families to be abreast with pollution. A shantytown is their home where the waste products from factories are eminent.
The lack of union representation, laxity in dealing with problems of workers and fight for women to develop their work environs is a centre of attention. Millions of workers weave the consumer nation’s fabric of life through productions of television, electric cables, toys, clothes, batteries and IV tubes. In the due process, Carmen and her colleagues reach the optimum struggle and organize for a change. Carmen takes to task a major TV manufacturer for the violation of her labor rights and gets a pay to improve her life. Lourdes and her associate group pressurize the authorities for a cleanup of the toxic waste after the factories depart due to the global economy crisis and availability of cheap labor in China.
However, uncertainties about the future arise, one of the most thought provoking moments of hope is in the light. Despite the utter poverty life, Lourdes shows no sign of pity. They instead struggle for an improvement. This is an excellent impression to both filmmakers and audience and makes this film a unique venture. A wonderful delivery of imagination is also a factor through a strong potential and low depressive documentary.
In conclusion, Maquilapolis can be useful in international studies class, economics and labor studies, industrial relations, women studies and other forums for the discussion on globalization impacts on labor. The movie can also be useful in an organization of workers in the struggle for rights. Read More
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