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Globalisation - Literature review Example

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Globalization Globalization is a hotly debatable term. Dreher, Gaston and Martens (2008, p. 14-17) posit that globalization seems to be an unstoppable force whose effect can either be positive or negative. Interestingly, globalization is a term that is heavily used in the current world but its meaning still remains obscure thus meaning that definition is not everything but everything seems to revolve around definition…
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Download file to see previous pages This essay attempts to describe globalization process by highlighting, evaluating and analyzing various definitions. Globalization is a global process and a revolution concept including economic integration, policy sharing, knowledge sharing, cultural stability, reproduction, relations and discourses of power or may sometimes be variously described as a progress, development, stabilization, integration, cooperation or perhaps regression, colonialism and destabilization. Globalization is a concept that requires careful and critical examination since sharp and enlightening definition boosts perception, is interesting and empowers people with knowledge deemed important in shaping up society’s destiny. It is worth noting that most of the intellectual imaginations have been gripped by the concept of globalization. Scholars and lay circle have commonly pursue a perception that globalization is an analytical prerequisite used in appreciating continuousness and adjustment of contemporary society. Presently, the term has really spawned a lot of confrontational and highly intuitive annotation (Dreher, Gaston and Martens 2008, p. 14-17). ...
This further signifies the impact of the contemporary social relation and the fact that there is a common and new character shared within the society because of the relevancy and the context of the term to the society. In academic, various disciplines have incorporated the word globalization in their studies and event tried to relate numerous phenomenon with it. Also, it has been applicable in several theoretical approaches as well as political spectrum across the world thus symbolizing its usefulness in the society (Meerhaeghe 2012, p. 239-45). It is undeniable that the idea of globalization remains absolutely indescribable as it is inescapable and that as much as it means something crucial, surety about what that vital thing is remains unknown. As much it is widely used, it seems that globalization do not have cogent conceptualization to qualify it being treated as a serious scholarly issue (Dreher, Gaston and Martens 2008, p. 14-17). In fact, the poor conceptualization has borne persistent ambiguity and confusion resulting into a bunch of objectors with suspicious motives or even the notion of intellectual laziness. The current confusion of the term is as a result of failure to engender convincing understanding that do not relate with other concepts as it is evident in some of the definitions including globalization as internalization, liberalization, universalization and westernization. Globalization as Internationalization By terming globalization as internalization it implies enhancement of transactions and interdependence amongst countries and therefore a more global world is characterized by more ideas, information, merchandise, finances and investments. Bishop, Reinke and Adams (2011, p. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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...? Globalisation Globalisation As the suggests, globalisation refers to strengthening relationship between organisations, governments and individuals across geographical horizons. The term is generally used to regard economic globalisation. Economic globalisation can be explained as: increasing economic activities across the globe, through distribution of products or services by reducing international trade barriers. International trade barriers are placed by countries for various reasons. Some strong reasons could be to stipulate the use of local products, not compromising taxes, fear of rise in un-employments, pressure in maintaining budgets and dilution...
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...? Globalisation Introduction Globalisation contributes to an influential degree of convergence in both business practice and markets. The research delves on describing globalisation. The research delves on effects of the globalisation factors on the stakeholders. Implementing effective marketing strategies in the globalization environment reduces risk management issues. Search: Globalisation convergence business market risk. Globalisation reduces revenue risks Globalisation has leveled the playing field, in terms of generating revenues. Globalisation ushered the unavoidable priority to comply with market...
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...?Globalization Introduction Globalization is the process of assimilation of the world economy; it is the process of increasing communications among the people of different countries and different nations’ governments. Globalization is the name of progressing interdependence among the markets of different countries and multinational companies. The word evolved from a four hundred years old word ‘Global’. However, the use of the words like globalization started not before 1960s and it gained its importance approximately from the mid eighties. The national systems became interdependent by means of trade relations, alliances formed by the Defence sectors of different countries and through the imperialism of culture of different... Introduction...
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...?Introduction The concept of functionalism is used to describe the way in which societies function and change over time, specifically with the development of social and cultural institutions. The concept of functionalism is important in creating an understanding not only of the basic elements of society for belief systems or survival. More important, there is a complete understanding of the social order through the use of functionalism. The attributes within society, such as purposes of groups and overall trends within a society can be explained with the theory of functionalism. However, there is also the understanding that, while it tries to explain the complete social order, it is also based on the majority population... The concept of...
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...? (Assignment) Globalisation: Strength and Weaknesses Introduction Globalisation refers to a process by which national economies and cultures are integrated into an international economy so as to enhance international trade, direct foreign investment, migration, and technology sharing. This process facilitates effective circulation of ideas, languages, and cultural ideologies. Nations today tend to liberalise cross-border trade regulations as they realised the significance of increased cross-border trade for international business expansion. The World War I & II were the central points that proposed the idea of globalisation. The World Wars adversely affected national economies. On the...
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...? GLOBALISATION: CONCEPT AND FEATURES Introduction The first application of the term globalisation was on world economy with Columbus and da Gama’s so-called circumnavigation of the world in the fifteenth century. Globalisation emerged and evolved when man started to view the world as a big manufacturing plant of products. Products of whatever kind and products that threatened world extinction began to dominate man’s quest for progress and development. That is materialism at its worst, or at its best. Recent authors and commentators assert that globalisation began at the end of the Cold War which was in the period 1989-1991. The Cold War was characterised by the two-block...
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...Critically analyse United s of America's experience of globalisation. Go back to at least 1975 and employ a range of economic theories to analyse the country. Since the Industrial Revolution that helped to develop the economies of the West, first on the back of imperial expansion which colonised the rest of the globe including most of Asia, Africa and Latin America, and later in the form of less than equal trade with countries emerging from the colonial yoke, globalisation has been as inevitable a phenomenon as life and death. The failure of the command economies of the East (Russia and China), now replaced by what appear to be Western liberal capitalistic 'free market' economies, has contributed to...
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...Introduction – definition of globalization Globalization according to Frankel (2006) means integration through international trade of markets in goods and services, financial integration through international trade in assets, foreign direct investment, international outsourcing of services and international movement of people. Economic globalization is one of the most powerful sources to have shaped the post-war world and the two major drivers behind globalization are reduced costs in transport and communication in the private sector and reduced policy barriers to trade and investment on the part of the public sector. Lee & Tai (2006) too agree that liberal trade policies, incentives, growing foreign direct investment (FDI... – definition of...
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...Globalisation Globalisation Introduction: Defining globalisation The term globalisation is used both as a as well as a prescription. In descriptive way, it is used to mean the ‘process of integration into the world economy’ and in its prescriptive way, it is used to mean ‘strategy of development based on rapid integration with the world economy’ (Nayyar, 2006). Hence we are faced with either a process or a strategy, and they are not the same. Trade, investment, finance and labour are the important elements of world economy. Globalisation is the expansion of these economic activities across national boundaries. This would require that the nations concerned should open their markets for international trade, international investment... ,...
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...GLOBALIZATION AND INEQUALITY Introduction The paper will seek to determine whether the increased social and economic inequalities can be attributed to globalization. While globalization has enhanced economic development in many counties, inequality remains a major social phenomenon. The paper will seek to address these inequalities and indicate whether they are caused by globalization. The position of the paper is that despite the discontents of globalization such as unfavourable competition between the local and international firms, there is no direct link with inequality. Statistics from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) indicates that through globalization, GDP of many countries has been on the increase. Globalization has... AND...
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