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Proposal to Reduce Pollution in Phoenix, Arizona - Essay Example

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This essay describes that Phoenix, Arizona is currently experiencing rapid population growth within the past decade. This population growth is also in relationship with the increased use of the natural resources, which includes land in order to accommodate the increasing population…
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Proposal to Reduce Pollution in Phoenix, Arizona
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Download file to see previous pages Improved roads will reduce bottlenecks along with a controllable and smooth traffic. Nonetheless, this measure in road improvement must also be implemented and integrated with improving traffic safety and encouraging the community to participate in reducing air pollution. In addition, the project will also include the construction of bicycle and motorcycle lanes, and sidewalks for those who prefer to walk. As an integrated project with road improvement, the community will be encouraged to alter their transportation practices in order to lessen the traffic in the city. Also, it will reduce air pollution because of the lesser carbon emission (Faiz, Weaver, & Walsh, 1996). Furthermore, some of the most common point sources or fix air pollutants are power plants, chemical producing factories, and wood and pulp factories (Kibble & Harrison, 2005). Legislation on the maximum permissible carbon emission of these companies is one of the aims of this proposal. Also, in order to eradicate or lessen the pollution in the city, companies will be given a specific time-frame in order to alter its production process into a more energy efficient manufacturing process. In addition, the establishment of urban forestry in the city will help in the pollution control coming from vehicles and manufacturing plants. Also, these areas will also help in the regulating the heat in the city, which will then reduce the usage of air conditioning units. These proposals must be researched and properly studied more prior to any plans for implementation. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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