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Issues of Co-location of Fischer-Tropsch and Algae Plants in Alternative Jet Fuel Production - Thesis Example

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In the given case, the case interview is intended to ask questions related to Fischer-Tropsch and Algae oil production co-location issues. It is evident that in order to get…
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Issues of Co-location of Fischer-Tropsch and Algae Plants in Alternative Jet Fuel Production
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Download file to see previous pages This is so because once contacted, the experts get enough time to respond to the questions when they find it convenient.
The first people to be approached to collect information are Clearfuels Technology Inc. which is already in the demonstration process of the F-T processes to convert organic waste into fuels. The company was started in the year 998 at Aiea, Hawaii. The company engages in thermo-chemical conversion of various renewable feed-stocks into biofuels. The energy products include ethanol, hydrogen, electrical power, Fischer-Tropsch diesel and so on. The company works as a subsidiary of Rentech (ClearFuels).
The next important company will be the Solena Fuels. It is a sustainable energy company which produces sustainable non-petroleum sources liquid fuels. It is a private company with its headquarters in Washington DC. From the website of the company, it is found that for questions and enquiries, the CFO of the company is to be contacted (Solena Fuels).
In addition, the U.S Energy Information Administration will also be approached to collect information. Visiting the website, the contact information of the department will be collected. Thereafter, an email will be sent seeking permission to conduct an interview (U.S Energy Information Administration). Similar steps will be taken in the case of Solena Group too.
Another important person is Robert Malina of the Laboratory for Aviation and Environment. The expert is engaged in the study of FT jet fuels. The contact information of the person will be collected by visiting the website of Laboratory for Aviation and the Environment (Laboratory for Aviation and Environment).
In the email, the subject box will point out the purpose of mail. Thereafter, the body of the mail will contain details of the situation and purpose of interview. Thereafter, the mail will state the need to have first-hand information from an expert. Also, the mail will detail how I decided to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Issues of Co-Location of Fischer-Tropsch and Algae Plants in Thesis.
“Issues of Co-Location of Fischer-Tropsch and Algae Plants in Thesis”, n.d.
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