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Litman in his research named as “Economic Value of Walkability” conducted an evaluation of the act of walking and the environment of walking (Litman 3). The research further determines the benefits of both walkability and the act of walking for individuals and even pays…
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Walkable Streets; Good City Forms Annotated Bibliography
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Download file to see previous pages It even states that if transport policy makers start considering walking as a major transport mode, they can create policies that can promote the act of walking.
Joe Cortright in his research named “Walking the Walk: How Walkability Raises Home Values in US Cities” states that the level of walkability of a particular city have various advantages and the main advantage is increase in value of homes (Cortright 2). He states that homes that are situated in areas that score high in walkability and have retail stores and shopping outlets located near to them are up for sale at very high prices as compared to those homes that are located in areas that score low on walkability. In his research he uses the method of Walk Score algorithm to determine the price of a particular home in relation to the location’s walkability.
Ray Tomalty in his research named “BC Sprawl Report: Walkability and Health” tried to figure out the impact of design of neighborhood on the trends of walking and bicycling in the region of BC and the overall impact of activities of walking and biking on the health of the members of the BC society (Tomalty x). Through their research they figured out that there was a connection between an individual’s behavior, issue of obesity and stress and the level of walkability and the act of walking. They even figured out that if the degree of walkability of a particular area is increased through programs, the amount of walking activity even increases.
Duncan, D.T, D.R Williams, J Aldstadt, J Whalen, K White, and M.C Castro. "Space, Race, and Poverty: Spatial Inequalities in Walkable Neighborhood Amenities?" Demographic Research. 26 (2012): 409-448. Print.
Dustin T. Duncan and fellow researchers conducted a research named “Space, Race, and Poverty: Spatial Inequalities in Walkable Neighborhood Amenities?”. In this research they tried to figure out the link between demographic characteristics ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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