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How Water Pollution Affect the Productivity of Elodea Canadensis - Essay Example

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The objective of this study is to establish how water pollution, due to the addition of laundry detergents to water bodies by humans, affect the productivity of Elodea canadensis. Sixty test tubes were used in this research…
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How Water Pollution Affect the Productivity of Elodea Canadensis
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Extract of sample "How Water Pollution Affect the Productivity of Elodea Canadensis"

Download file to see previous pages The conclusion from this study recommended that laundry detergents manufacturing companies, need to review and revisit the chemical components forming the detergents. There should be a paradigm shift to a chemical substance considered as a cleaning substance consisting of organic chemicals. Pollution is a human created issue which has been affecting the environment negatively. Especially, water pollution has become more significant as water is a vital factor for human life both as a need of the human body and as a requirement in agricultural processes which serve humans. As the human population is increasing, the demand for water is increasing as well. Water is the main cleaning agent we use in our daily lives. However, throughout the history, we have never used solely water for cleaning purposes. For instance, before detergents and washing machines, people used to clean their clothes around a river by beating them on the rocks around the river. The leaves of some plants produced lather which acted as the first detergents used by humans. Today, we use laundry detergents inside our washing machines, with water. However, if observed closely, these artificial detergents cause more harm than good. The researcher states that especially human impact which enhances the water pollution is an essential topic to investigate. There are very simple and easy steps to hinder the damage we do to the water resources around us. Also, the damage is not only done to the water, but also to us, since we use the polluted water in our daily lives. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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