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The essay "Indiana State Museum" presents the Indiana state museum, which takes a personal initiative to preserve the environment the best way it can. Its property is effectively planned to minimize pollution through conservation of water points and the indigenous trees…
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Indiana State Museum
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Indiana Museum Located in the Indiana Central Canal in White River Park, the Indiana Museum isa state operated cultural site and conservancy centre. Displaying eleven historic sites spanning over the entire state, this facility is definitely one of the greatest custodian of American history and culture. The facility addresses a number of environmental and a conservancy issue. Being a pre historic site, the museum understands the importance of the environment and the repercussions of its degradation. The facility therefore runs a number of environmental awareness programs in an attempt to sensitive the locals to help positively impact the ecosystem.
From its basic design, the facility appreciates nature and therefore vows to conserve it. The facility sits on a three hundred acre piece of land, which is effectively planned to designate an amount of this land for forest and indigenous species of tree conservation.
The society today is largely composed of planted forests. This is because of the complete depletion of the naturally occurring forests. The indigenous tree species tell a lot about the places they grow in; they relate the type of the soil and the topographical components of the spoil. Through this, historians and archeologists determine the type of agricultural activity practiced in an area based on the evidence. History is written from the evidence obtained from archeological sites. Some of this evidence lie deep within some of the commonly assumed factors and are preserved by the environment. The naturally occurring indigenous tree are therefore preserved and protected from any form of harm by the facility. The facility therefore boasts an effectively planed landscape that balances between the need for aesthetics and nature preservation. Through this, it develops a natural ambience of both indigenous and exotic tree and grass species (Price 87).
The artifacts in the facilities vary in type and quality; some of these are as old as thousands of years. The facility therefore vows to protect some of these precious artifacts from destructions arising from both natural or man made calamities. The facility has an effective design that takes into consideration the unique security requirement of the artifacts. The museum receives an average of two and a half million visitors a year. This is a great number requiring effective planning and management to minimize harm. Some of the preservatives used on the artifacts are harmful especially if brought into contact with human. Additionally, most of these preservatives would pollute the environment if exposed to the atmosphere. The facility therefore encloses most of their artifacts in glass enclosures reinforced by ultraviolet lights whose trespass triggers an alarm. This therefore acts a security both to the environment and for the expensive artifacts.
Environmental conservation is the greatest concern to the twenty first century pre modern society. Established economies produce a lot of carbon monoxide into the atmosphere resulting in the extensive of the ozone layer. This promises a number of life threatening consequences. Already climatic changes are rife in a number of regions in and around the United States of America. The indigenous trees have some of the best mechanisms for consuming the excess carbon monoxide from the environment. The government therefore needs to invest on its tree cover. The Indiana state museum takes a personal initiative to preserve the environment the best way it can. Its property is effectively planned to minimize pollution through conservation of water points and the indigenous trees (Price 101).
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Price, Nelson. Indianapolis Then & Now. San Diego, California: Thunder Bay Press, 2004. Print. Read More
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