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Climate Change Effects on Vegetation Distribution - Case Study Example

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This paper “Climate Change Effects on Vegetation Distribution” explores global warming with the focus on explaining some of the causes of global warming alongside the recent changes in climate recorded on the surface of the earth…
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Climate Change Effects on Vegetation Distribution
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Download file to see previous pages The main effect, in this case, is climate change and global warming. This paper explores global warming with the focus on explaining some of the causes of global warming alongside the recent changes in climate recorded on the surface of the earth.
 The term climate change can sometimes be used to refer to the climatic changes that are brought about due to human activities, rather than those climatic changes that are brought about as part of the natural processes of the earth. These terms have become quite a relevance as far as the environmental policy, and the global warming anthropogenic are concerned. Global warming, in this case, represents the increases in temperature and climate change and deals with global warming, and other aspects including the levels of the greenhouse effect.
 Arguably, the rate in which energy is received from the sun and the loss rate to space determine a great deal both the climate of the earth and the equilibrium temperature (Bachelet & Lenihan, 2001). As research would have it, the energy is transferred all over the globe by use of ocean current, winds, and other different mechanisms which may affect the climate of other regions. It is worth noting that there are a number of factors that may lead to climate change. Key among them include solar radiation, variation, and orbit of the earth, continental drift, and the greenhouse gas changes concentration. Different climatic alterations in climatic feedbacks can either diminish or amplify the forces that initially. Other parts of the system of climate such as ice caps, an ocean. Within the climate variation context, human factors that are deemed to be affecting the climate are the anthropogenic factors. According to the scientific consensus concerning climate change, the climate is always changing and the changes are largely due to human activities. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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