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Describe the evidence for environmental changes since the Last Interglacial (Marine Isotope Stage 5e, approximately 130,000 year - Coursework Example

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Evidence for Environmental Changes in the Tropical since the Last Interglacial Name Instructor Course Date Introduction This paper issues several aspects of the environmental changes in the tropics. It may be the climatic change or vegetable change or the physical changes of the area…
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Describe the evidence for environmental changes since the Last Interglacial (Marine Isotope Stage 5e, approximately 130,000 year
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Extract of sample "Describe the evidence for environmental changes since the Last Interglacial (Marine Isotope Stage 5e, approximately 130,000 year"

Download file to see previous pages With such information in mind, it is then relevant to discuss such issues in this paper. This being the key points of this paper, the research question is: what is the evidence for environmental change in the tropical since the last interglacial? The tropical region history The tropic is a region on the earth surrounding the equator. The region is commonly found at the northern hemisphere at latitude 23.4378? N on the tropic of cancer and it is also found at the southern hemisphere at latitude 23.4378? S on the tropic of Capricorn. The tropical region is a place where the sub solar point is reached by the sun. A sub solar point is a region where the sun is directly overhead the equator which happens once in a year. There is a direct distinction between the tropics and other climatic and biomatic regions of the earth, with the latitudes that appear in the middle and the Polar Regions on a different side of the equatorial zone Climate distribution of the tropical The tropic has its own climate distribution that may be different to other geographical areas. The tropics sometimes can be used generally to refer to a tropical climate which means that the area has warm to hot and moist all year round, additionally there is the sense of lush vegetation. Most of the tropical regions experience dry and wet seasons where the wet season or rainy season or the green season has an occurrence in that it covers only one to several months that is if the average annual rainfall drops in the region. It is believed that the areas having wet seasons are exposed to dissemination across the tropics and the subtropics. A wet season month is one month that that experiences an average precipitation of about 60 millimetres as per the classification of Koppen in the tropical regions. However the tropical rainforests on a technical bench do not experience wet or dry seasons on grounds that their rainfall is distributed equally throughout the year. It is noted that some areas which experience prolonged rainfall are subjected to breaks in rainfall during mid-season that is if the intertropical convergence zone or monsoon trough gain a movement towards the pole ward of their original location during the middle of the warm season. Facts depict that if the warm season or the summer season experience wet season then precipitation will occur mainly in the late afternoons or in the early evening hours. The wet season is a season where there is an improvement in the quality of air; also there is an improvement in water quality while the vegetation grows significantly thus causing late yield of crop in the season. Floods cause a huge effect both on the environment and the habitants of the area. It is depicted that there are overflows in the river banks and the animals move to a higher ground while there is loss of soil nutrients and increase in soil erosion. During these harsh conditions, the animals design a survival strategy for them to survive along the harsh conditions of wet seasons. It is unfortunate that there are identified food shortages in to the wet season that is brought by the previous dry seasons since the crops are yet to mature. It is not obvious that regions found in the tropics have a tropical climate. Such regions include the snow-capped peaks which include the Mauna Kea not forgetting the Mount Kilimanjaro and additionally the Andes. Other regions also include the northern parts of Chile and Argentina. Tropical ecosystem Apart from the tropical climate, the tropical ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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