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The environment is made up of all the living organisms- plants, animals and human beings, and the physical surroundings in general; these elements coexist in synergic relationships that help in maintaining a stable equilibrium in nature. Any slight alteration in the natural…
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The environment is made up of all the living organisms- plants, animals and human beings, and the physical surroundings in general; these elements coexist in synergic relationships that help in maintaining a stable equilibrium in nature. Any slight alteration in the natural systems of the environment destabilizes the equilibrium and further spurs environmental problems; for instance, pollution is because of imbalances in the natural systems of the environment. Human activities in the environment are notoriously responsible for the imbalance in nature, which results to pollution- these activities involve constant modification of the natural environment to meet human interests.
Environmental pollution results to undesirable changes and conditions for all the organisms in the ecosystem and this comes with effects that are more adverse to life systems in general. The environment is also divided into components which are affected by pollution and they include the air, soil and water; this gives rise to the various types of pollution namely air, soil and water pollution. Pollutants are introduced in the environment as byproducts of human activities such as industrialization, deforestation and farming- these activities release harmful residues into the environment thus causing pollution. For instance, farmers apply pesticides for purposes of boosting Agricultural outputs on their farms, but this often leads to pollution as the pesticides always find their way into the air, water and soil resulting to contamination. In this regard, pesticides contribute to air pollution, water pollution and soil pollution thereby destabilizing the natural equilibrium in the ecosystem.
In the course of applying pesticides to crops, they may drift through wind into other unintended areas, contaminating the air, and this affects life systems, which may encounter the residues of pesticides. Organisms for instance may ingest the pesticide residues that land on food or by breathing the particles suspended in air. Pesticides find their way into water systems by a number of ways such as leaching through the soil; they may be carried through runoff water or eroding soil (Pimentel 818), and they may accidentally spill into waterways. Pesticides that leach into ground water sources lead to contamination- organisms that use such contaminated water are at a risk of ingesting the pesticide residues in it, and this causes health problems (Singh 96). Concerning soil pollution, continuous excessive use of pesticides may lead to accumulation of the pesticide residues in the soil thus contaminating it in the end; soils that are contaminated with pesticides are unhealthy and cannot sustain healthy life systems in the soil. This reduces the range of biodiversity in the soil as many organisms may not survive the pesticide residues in it- microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi arthropods are essential for quality soil.
Recent studies have associated a number of health complications to pesticide exposure and pesticide poisoning; such complications include neurological problems, reproductive problems and certain types of cancer. The anthropogenic health risks involved by pesticides are varied depending on the type of pesticide used; for instance, organophosphates and carbamates have chronic effects on the nervous system (Pimentel 821), while other types of pesticides may cause cancer, affect the hormonal system or cause irritation of the skin and eyes.
Clearly, a healthy environment is essential for healthy life systems in the environment; environmental pollutants contribute to the prevalence of chronic diseases in the populations (Kyle 447). Regulatory measures must be taken to protect and guard the environment in order to maintain stability in the ecosystem- this begins by addressing the issue of environmental pollution. Pesticides are harmful to the environment and care must be taken to ensure that they do not contaminate components of the environment- this will enhance the quality of life for all the organisms, plants, animals and human beings.
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