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The flow of communication between the uppermost management to employees and employees to top management keeps the performance in flow. In organizations, managers communicate their subordinate through informal…
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W 7 Discussion Board: Informal Reporting -Workplace
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Running Head: INFORMAL REPORTING WORKPLACE Informal Reporting Workplace s s Informal Reporting Workplace Communication has a very significant function in an organization. The flow of communication between the uppermost management to employees and employees to top management keeps the performance in flow. In organizations, managers communicate their subordinate through informal reports from which they came to know the progress of the employee and the project. There are six sub categories of informal reports, which used in organization database progress, justification and feasibility report. Informal reporting helps an organization to track the performance managers attempts to solve issues; and takes a decision based on information, analysis, recommendations and creative ideas they received from their assistant in the form of a report. If any communication gap occurs between the managers and other members of the organization, it negatively affects the organization’s performance. The organization will not be able to achieve its monthly and then yearly goals. This will impact the relationship of organization with their stakeholders.
Every organization has its own vision, mission, goals and objective, which are decided by the high level management. In order to achieve their vision it is necessary to communicate it from top to bottom. Vision and mission can be communication through meetings, managers or their subordinates used to make summaries whatever discussed. Then these summaries are shared with the other employees of the organization. This makes all the employees aligned with the company’s mission. Through informal reports, managers are capable of reducing the conflicts between employees and are able to recognize the potential of individuals. The effectiveness and efficiency of an organization can be controlled through the informal reporting system, and appraisals are awarded according to the performance and importance for the organization. Read More
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