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Informal exchange networks, made possible through different processes of social relations, permeate the formal system in all levels which facilitates the flow of goods - Book Report/Review Example

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The idea of Nordstrom about connection within the age of globalization is employed for this purpose. The entire argument…
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Informal exchange networks, made possible through different processes of social relations, permeate the formal system in all levels which facilitates the flow of goods
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Extract of sample "Informal exchange networks, made possible through different processes of social relations, permeate the formal system in all levels which facilitates the flow of goods"

Download file to see previous pages However, her general idea about people’s complex global interaction would actually suffice common understanding on why informal exchange is not hard to penetrate into any formal designed system intended for any ideal activity.
A good way to start the argument in this paper is to first understand globalization with reference to its wide range of context. It is evident that substantial arguments are available in order to prove that globalization could be considered as a process in which people around the world are interconnected in different ways even considering larger distance (Lechner, 2009). Perhaps, the common understanding about it is that it substantially shaped the world. However, Nordstrom (2007) offered her own point of view regarding this matter providing her essential arguments which include the point that it is the people who actually shaped globalization and not the other way around. In what way do people formed globalization is an interesting subject Nordstrom emphasizes in her book entitled “Global Outlaws: Crime, Money, And Power in the Contemporary World.” Interconnection among everybody is therefore a significant point that one needs to take into account regarding the matter about forming significant networks to ensure a simple until a wide range of interconnectivity. Based on the idea of Nordstrom, if people create globalization which according to Lechner involves interconnection, then joining onto one another must have substantially originated among those who involved themselves with the network. From the simplest down to complex interconnection, Nordstrom believes that everything is possible just to ensure effective formation of networks that could have significant implication on obtaining power, profit and productivity within the bound of social, cultural, political and economic issues (Nordstrom, 2007). Understanding this may substantially pave the way for exploring the idea about what are legit or ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Informal Exchange Networks, Made Possible through Different Processes Book Report/Review.
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