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This essay describes Six Degrees Could Change the World, produced by National Geographic and directed by Mr. Ron Bowman, presents a petrifying forecast of mankind's future. The film not only dares the viewers to be responsible enough to take effort in ending future global warming…
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Six Degrees Could Change the World
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Six Degrees Could Change the World
Among the most alarming environmental issues that have caused quite an uproar during the past few decades is the subject of global warming. Based on a book, Six Degrees Could Change the World directs its attention to what the Earth would be if the temperature rose minutely even by just one degree. Amazing stock material in this movie shows just the type of climate conditions humanity might face if the weather temperature continues to escalate as it is now.
The movie starts with what the Earth would be if its overall temperature mounted by only one degree. It portrays both a terrifying yet gripping visualization of a planet vanishing under the heat of its very own decadence. Changes such as in daily temperature, in seawater, in the frequency of the occurrences of disasters are imminently looming. As the temperature continues to intensify, so does the instability to the world’s fragile climate balance.
Six Degrees Could Change the World, produced by National Geographic and directed by Mr. Ron Bowman, presents a petrifying forecast of mankind’s future if the menace of global warming is not overturned. One of the most riveting segments of the documentary is the part where Bowman illustrates various transformations in the environment worldwide that have already started to transpire. The film not only dares the viewers to be responsible enough to take effort in ending future global warming. However, it also charges us for the destruction that may have already ensued and the damages to the world’s delicate ecology that may be irreparable.
One scene from the movie seemed harmless enough. It was merely a vineyard estate producing wine-quality grapes in England. It may seem harmless, but in reality, this is a compelling evidence of global warming effects already occurring around the world. Only a few years ago, it was truly impossible to cultivate wine-quality grapes in a weather environment such as ones in England. As favorable as this weather transformation is for English wine industry, such a transformation signals the end of the world for observers of universal weather modifications. Wine grapes budding in England is a clear indication that its regular daily temperature has augmented perhaps by a couple of degrees already.
The documentary brings forward numerous actual examples and instances of early global warming. In addition, Bowman's direction is most solid in this part of the film. Baldwin's telling together with these illustrations of global warming in addition to the end of time situations of what might and will happen if temperature continues to increase make Six Degrees Could Change the World among the best of 2008's ecological documentary films.
With this, the film has definitely moved and changed the perspective and outlook of its viewers such as myself about the reality the world is facing right now. Without any remarkable change from our own selves, with the determination and will to actually save our planet, our home, the world will be destroyed. We must be the change we want to see in the world. We must be the change that will stop the destruction of our only beautiful and amazing world. We all must do something, and just maybe, we might have a chance of saving the world and ourselves.
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Six Degrees Could Change the World. Dir. Ron Bowman. National Geographic, 2008. DVD. Read More
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