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For example the benefits of using coal is the cheap cost and abundance in availability, however the social cost is at a higher end as the amount…
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and Section # of Environmental Studies Resources Evaluation The benefits and costs of using any natural energy resource is a very important factor in choosing a certain type of energy reserve. For example the benefits of using coal is the cheap cost and abundance in availability, however the social cost is at a higher end as the amount of carbon elements it releases in the air, while combusting are immense compared to other fuels. Similarly oil has its own pros and cons. The very fact that the price of processed oil is very high is a negative factor where as the ease of availability and reliability is the factor that encourages its use. Natural gas on the other hand is preferred mostly, due to being very cheap in nature although the infrastructure that has to be laid for it costs a lot both financially and socially.
Push-Pull Factors
Push and pull factors are those which compel or stop a person from migrating from a rural setup to urban setups respectively. The three most common push factors are famine, unemployment and poor living conditions. Famine causes lack of food, income and employment whereas poor living conditions make people thinking of the better facilities available in urban setups. These factors contribute majorly in making a person think about leaving his village and working in an urban environment which attracts him with these factors are known as the pull factors. The most common pull factors are known to be employment, better income-to-work ratio and urban facilities available in a city like medical care and better schools for children.
Conservation of Water
There are many ways in which water can be conserved but broadly it can be divided into two parts namely engineering methods and domestic methods. Some of the engineering practices that are useful in conserving water are plumbing. Many practices fall under the plumbing category for example the use of low flush toilets and pressure reduction techniques. The next sub-category engineering methods may be named as landscaping in which technique known as landscape irrigation is regarded as the best. In this method plants with lower water needs are used as well as grouping plants together which have similar water needs. This factually saves a whole volume of water. Domestic methods are those which can be inculcated in the everyday behavior trends of people in their daily life. The most common way of saving water by daily users are:
Washing dishes with water filled rather than running water
Turning off water while brushing or shaving in the bathroom
Using necessary amount of water in washing machine matching the load present
Watering of garden in the morning or afternoon to negate evaporation
Turning off water while rinsing the car
Sweeping floors rather than washing them with running water everyday
ENSO is an abbreviation for El Nino Southern Oscillation. As a result of ENSO there is a decline in the amount of rainfall in Australia. In Indonesia, the early ENSO causes dryness where as in the later phase causes heavy rainfall (Lynda, 2008). In North America, the warm phase brings about a drop in temperature causing lesser snowfall whereas in the cool phase causes a little more rain than average. In South America a pool of warm water forms amidst the cold water ocean due to this very phenomenon (Tim, 2005).

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