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Answer the questions below - Assignment Example

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It is through various departments of government that it can screw economic growth. We need each other in our daily endeavors for us to claim our success. Going alone only weakens…
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Answer the questions below
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Extract of sample "Answer the questions below"

Learning from Honeybees: Advantages of Diversity Question The main idea of the section is to show how diversity is instrumental in promoting economic growth. It is through various departments of government that it can screw economic growth. We need each other in our daily endeavors for us to claim our success. Going alone only weakens us since we cannot do everything alone.
Question #2
The evidence used to support the main idea in the section, is that, genetically diverse colonies of honeybees have more productivity than uniform colonies. At least the honeybee will need to swarm and engage in resource depleting activities that might stress the whole colony. If there is genetic diversity in the colony, the work will be made easy since we can get some honeybees adapted for various functions. Hence, the productivity will increase, as well as economic benefits of this colony.
Question #3
Relating this idea to the overall idea of the book, we need diverse talents to construe a nations economic benefits. Even during the war, for a nations troop to do well, we cannot war be an individuals work. Theres need for various people with various talents that will work together to win the war. In as much as theres need for good fighters in the troop, there is an equal need for good planners, commanders, cooks, information gatherers, weather specialists, logisticians and support staff to work together to win the war.
Question #4
To my interpretation, we need one another in everything that we do. One cannot consider himself to be good in a particular field without the help of the others. We, therefore, need to involve a diversity of talents in managing change that will spur our economic growth. Therefore, all our success should be dedicated to other people who worked together with us to ensure we achieved the success. When we go alone, we tend to tire so fast that failure results.
Question #5
Zhao, in his writings, consider the use of comparison to putting emphasis on ideas and make them clear for his readers. He drives his points home very easily just by the use of comparisons. For instance, when he compared the genetic diversity of the honeybees with the required talent diversity in a war troop, it becomes very easy for his readers to understand the concept just by making the comparison. Read More
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