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The paper emphasizes the problem of global warming, the main cause of which is human activities that increase the emissions of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. People should be educated about global warming, so as to gain knowledge, and gain information on how global warming can be reduced…
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Global warming caused by humans
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Global Warming Global warming is the rise of the atmospheric temperature in the surface of the earth that alters patterns of global climate (Mohr Green house gases causes global warming: Carbon dioxide is emitted when fossil fuels are burnt, methane is emitted in places where there are landfills and nitrous oxide is found in fertilizers. Reduction of green house emissions can decrease global warming. This can be done by using renewable sources of energy and decrease on use of electricity which is got from burning fossils, thus, this can reduce amount of carbon dioxide emitted in the air. Human activities such as planting trees should be encouraged, this is because carbon dioxide in the air is absorbed by the trees, and this would reduce a lot of carbon dioxide in the air.
There has been debate to increase tax for industries and companies, which contribute to global warming by emitting greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide in the atmosphere (Mohr 12). Those in favor of raising the taxes argue that it will make the companies be responsible and reduce the amounts they release into the atmosphere. This will help in ensuring that global warming is minimized.
Those opposed to rising of the taxes are those companies which benefit from their activities and do not consider environmental protection (Mohr 15). They argue that rising taxes will reduce their levels of profitability, and this can affect their productivity. The companies’ main goal is to gain profits without considering that the gas emissions pollute the air, and this is an environmental hazard. Every person should be concerned about global warming, and look for ways to reduce global warming, since it is a world wide issue. People should be educated about global warming, so as to gain knowledge, and gain information on how global warming can be reduced.
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Mohr, Noam. A New Global Warming Strategy, 2005. An EarthSave International Report Read More
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