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Environmental Implications and the Potential of Biotechnology - Essay Example

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This paper talks that rising fuel prices and increasing population pressures, especially from the developing world, are likely to continue to force increased food prices. It makes sense to try to find ways in which biotechnology research can be applied to improve standards of living for the poor…
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Environmental Implications and the Potential of Biotechnology
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Extract of sample "Environmental Implications and the Potential of Biotechnology"

Download file to see previous pages This essay stresses that several definitions exist for biotechnology, one of the more general and appealing definitions is “the use of living organisms, cells or cellular components for the production of compounds or precise genetic improvement of living things for the benefit of man”. Biotechnology has assumed a certain prominence in the relatively recent past despite having been practiced for thousands of years. Progress in biotechnology was enabled as a result of the twentieth century advances in physics, chemistry, engineering, computer application, and information technology and it was these advances that resulted in the evolution of modern biotechnology. Rapidly increasing food prices which have made it difficult for the poor to afford food and a growing awareness of environmental problems that have been caused by a predominate use of fossil fuels have made advances in biotechnology.
This report makes a conclusion that governments and international agencies must act to find ways in which biotechnology can be used to solve the urgent problems of the poor from all around the world. It makes sense to try to produce more food locally so that the local poor can maintain at least some quality of life. Increasing fuel prices cannot justify massive flows of agricultural products around the world and it is important to try not to waste precious resources. Thus, the benefits of biotechnology should be made available to the poor on affordable terms. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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