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Complete Name of the Student Complete Name of the Professor Date Some Salient Points in No Impact Man If it is direly difficult to live in the current circumstance of the world despite the overwhelming supply of primary goods and services, how would it be like when we shy away from the norms of urban living and start to live a life that is pre-industrial in nature: there is a total defiance to use things a person normally uses every day…
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Download file to see previous pages What they thought was to stop using the things that an urban family would use every day. While this may sound not so difficult in the context of suburb or rural living, the sternest of problems is the fact that the Beavan Family lives in the super metropolitan of New York. You can simply imagine how it would be like waking up in every morning not allowed to use toothpaste or a shampoo. But that is just less of what Colin Beavan cemented as a commitment: he intended to reduce his personal impact to the environment for one year by practicing vegan diet, purchasing locally-produced foods, turning off the refrigerator, no elevators, no cars, no buses, or no airplanes, not using products that contain environmentally-detrimental contents, no electricity, no material consumption, and no garbage. For a skeptic, this is a complete delusion that has gone overboard but for Colin, this is just one way to protect and save the environment for the generations to come. Although the caption of the documentary absolutely waxed lyrical the many eyes of the witnessing populace, it was likewise devaluing, reducing the impact of Beavan’s experiment into a mere marketing publicity-stunt that points towards selling albums or books. For cynically-inclined observers, Beavan’s endeavor may just fall under the futile category; although, that is primary due to the fact that it is a lot simpler to presume the pits and most horrible upshots – it necessities slightest contemplation. No Impact Man would really make cynics doubt about the contrived nooks and crannies as the main cause of coming up with the documentary: (1) it is possible that Beavan is using the documentary in order to advertise books. In any case, he is a writer and quite a prolific one at that; or (2) it is also possible that Beavan is trying to increase the people’s awareness of what the humanity can do in order to save the planet. However, if you would enable yourself to surpass your individual disbelief and doubt about the purpose of the documentary, you might be amazed by the extraordinary undertaking involved in the documentary. Whether it is some sort of a publicity stunt or whatever, Beavan’s experimentation to an incredibly carbon-reduced path for quite a long period of time (one year is long for such an activity) in a highly urbanized zone while nurturing a two year old child – is a sincere and honorable effort; and considering the fact that this experiment is causing too much dilemma on his wife, Michelle, a writer for Businessweek – it is also a valiant one. What is very impressing about Beavan’s experimentation is that he is not the kind of person so used to “simple living” nor he is an environmental activist; he is actually a city man living in the realms of the influential New York City but still able to adapt to the kind of life that early Americans have lived while maintaining his location. He never moved from New York; he stayed in New York. And with the most challenging circumstances of not being able to take advantage of the conveniences of a city life, that is more than just a challenge; it is a complete horror. That partly explains why Beavan’s experimentation was one-of-a-kind and extremely praiseworthy. Beavan and his wife precluded from using PUVs so for a year, they were allergic of cabs, trams, and trains. They ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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