Current state of the Madura's enterprise - Case Study Example

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Madura has had recoveries in various business perspectives. For instance, in the recent past, the company has seen the branded apparel market having a rapid recovery. This has a…
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Current state of the Maduras enterprise
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of Madura The current of Madura is very encouraging according to the Information Assurance department. Madura has had recoveries in various business perspectives. For instance, in the recent past, the company has seen the branded apparel market having a rapid recovery. This has a positive impact on the performance of the company. Currently, the company is not experiencing any economic downturn as opposed to times when it had economic crises. The present focus is on the realization of success in various operations and be able to stand any economic difficulties (Venkatagiri & Prakash, 2013).
Economic downturn is a very significant experience in most businesses, Madura inclusive. Therefore, some of the concepts that recognize Madura’s concern include technology. Technology that is up to date and expansive is in a position to enable Madura to utilize its sources in order to achieve its desired objectives. Therefore, technology is one of the concepts that can detect the concern of Madura and ensure the achievement of its goals in business. In addition, distribution is key to making sales that guarantee the company ultimate success. Besides that, good relationships with other companies producing the same line of goods will enable Madura strategize itself to make positive trend in the business (Venkatagiri & Prakash, 2013).
There are various concepts that Madura can adopt in ensuring the construction of an effective concept map that can guarantee positive impacts when applied. The concepts include the trading partners, distributors, deport, and point of sale terminals. All the concepts work under an effective IT infrastructures. Under the infrastructures, the company should have planning and retail strategies to enhance the overall success of the company (Venkatagiri & Prakash, 2013).
Venkatagiri, S. & Prakash, Y.V. (2013). Wooqer: Making business social. Read More
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